Mother and Daughter

I love goofing around with my daughter! Priceless!!!

She loves posing in front of the camera. She loves making faces. Kaya adik na adik din ang loka sa snapchat. She would imitate me and would look at her crazy. She loves looking at her pictures and laughing at our silly faces. San ba nagmana tong batang to?!!

I honestly love having a daughter. Before, I’ve always prayed for a son. Sabi ko kasi, less maintenance ang boys. But then again, every time I look at my daughter, I know that God really knew me well. He knew that a daughter is perfect for me.

Someone na makakasama ko sa kaartehan. Someone so feminine and so soft but definitely with attitude. Someone I could talk to about boys and crushes (my daughter has a major crush on Daniel Padilla). Someone who loves pink and Minnie Mouse.

God knows I need a living doll. Someone I could dress up. I need someone I could talk to about make ups and fashion. Ngayon pa lang, enjoy na enjoy na ko everytime I would make her choose what dress to wear for the day. And everytime she’d watch me put my make up on and I would pretend I am putting make up on her too.

Sana we could always be best friends. I hope we could maintain this closeness.

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