Yep. I'm still alive. I know that I've been a bit lax on posting here. And my pending posts are piling up like crazy. I just can't find time to prep my photos and blog. I just can't. Well, maybe you can blame AlDub. Harhar! I would usually end my night with their replays. Sorry naman! I need a little kilig in my life.

Thing is, I'm having issues with Skye's skin. Ang daming rashes that would turn into sugat kasi kinakamot nya. We went to the dermatologist a couple of weeks ago and she has mild skin asthma daw. Allergic din sa sariling pawis. Kumusta naman? Hello? Philippines. Tropical country. Bow.

I dunno what to do anymore. I know I always sound/look like I'm always, always on top of everything especially when it comes to mothering my child but believe me. It's not easy. Ang daming basa sa internet na nagaganap on the sides. My googling talent is always always handy. Ang hirap.

Now here I go again. She went to see her pedia earlier today. Yes, she lang. Hindi ako kasama. Actually, I had my aunt and a neighbor friend accompany Skye. I just went there and did all the admin stuff (health card processing and talking to the pedia's secretary). Then I left them for work na. Di talaga keri ng katawang lupa ko ang mag absent today. Actually until next year!!

My work load is piling up like crazy. And because this is my bread and butter, I have to prioritize this. And I love my job. I put high value in what I do. So hindi pwede ang bara barang trabaho. Pwede ko naman siguro ilusot, hindi naman ako nila ako ifa-fire. But I don't like that. I own my work and I want to be excellent in it.

Anyway, I just have to write it down I guess? You all know that blogging is my outlet. I express myself through blogging. So kelangan lang ilabas ko na to bago pa bumaho.

For now, I'll go back to my crazy, busy, crazier and busier life. My gulay!

Ciao! Have a happy weekend.

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