Review: Caronia's Hand & Foot Care

A couple of weeks back, I received this cute little gift from Caronia.

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The pink case contains a complete set of Hand & Foot Care product from Caronia.
You see, I used to have foot spa and pedicure twice a month. I am very particular with foot care. Feeling ko kasi lakas makawala ng poise ang ugly and dirty feet. Agree? Diba? Parang yucky. And here’s a little secret, the ReigningTatay loves feet. And I know a whole lot of guys who wants nice feet.

The ReigningTatay used to kiss my feet. As in. He would hold it and kiss it. Tuwang tuwa coz I have a teeny tiny feet that’s soft and always clean. But that was before. Lately, no more feet kissing from the man. Aba! I can’t blame him. I haven’t had a foot spa for years! Yeps. Years. Syempre when I was preggy, bawal. After giving birth, no time. I once had pedi but it took me months, as in months! Before I was able to clean it again. Ganun kahirap.

So in all honesty, these stash from Caronia is a life saver. I didn’t know that I could do foot spa at home!!! Hallelujah.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Caronia Revitalizing Soak & Wash. Just put warm water on a tub, add the revitalizing soak. Soak hands or feet for 10-15minutes then rinse with warm water. Ang saya neto as in. Lakas maka-relax. You could also scrub the excess dead skin before rinsing. Although for me, soaking my feet is more than enough.
  2. Caronia Renewing Scrub. After the soak, apply the scrub on hands or feet and gently massage in a circular motion then rinse. Sobrang easy to do. And I love that I could do it on my own or make it a girl bonding and do it with my sister and Mama.
  3. Caronia Nourishing Crème. After the scrub, hydrate the skin using this nourishing crème. Sarap din neto. I would usually put on a thick pair of socks after putting he nourishing crème para mas pak.

See? Super dali talaga. And the best thing is, you could do it home. I don’t have to rush to the salon. This is part of my #BetterMe movement. Been using this product once a week for 2 months now and I must say that it’s really super easy and very much effective. As in. I took my time before really doing a review coz I wanna share an honest feedback. And yes, highly recommended! I just need to buy some tools so I could also do my pedicure at home. Using my favorite Caronia polish of course.

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