I Know You Miss It

Alright, I wanna take a break from all the sponsored posts, parenting stuff, reviews, etc. etc. I honestly miss blogging and telling you guys about my day, my year, my life!

Sometimes I just wanna write like I used to. Alam mo yun? Parang diary. I just wanna be honest and raw and not f**ing think about what the others would think if they read it. But then again, I’m a mother now. I know someday, Skye would read this blog and I don’t want her to cringe and think that her mum is a nutter.

But I miss it. This blog used to be my outlet. Where I could say what I wanna say. Where I am the queen of the world and not care. But then now I got readers. (Naks!) Readers I really value, and sometimes I feel like – eh anong paki nyo sa buhay ko diba?! And I don’t want to over share also. In this day and age, over sharing is a crime. We just don’t do it anymore.

Gosh. I don’t know where this post is leading to. Okay. Okay. Let me just share with you what’s been happening in my life lately. But before that…

Tank Top: Mango | Blazer: Zara | Skirt: Forever21 | Nude Flats: Shoebox


I know you miss it!! An #OOTD for y’all. You miss it? You miss it?!! Oh I miss it too.

And sobrang good news because I could finally, finally wear my favorite Zara blazers. (That one I’m wearing.) I almost gave it away because I thought I could never ever squeeze into it again. And then last week, I tried it on out of sheer desperation and I just couldn’t believe that it fits again. I really lost weight! Hallelujah!

Now I am trying to practice wearing heels again. Maybe I’d get a pair of nice sexy wedges first. I gave away all of my heels last year. I never thought I’d want to wear it again. But now I kinda miss it. Yeah! Maybe a pair of nice wedges first. The only heeled pair I have here is a 5-inch stiletto. I can’t walk properly! My gulay. But I’m trying.

Also, have you noticed my hair? I was able to finally put a little life back to it by using my favorite silk secrets hair conditioner again. But I think it needs a little more TLC. Hmmmm.. A rebond? And, some color perhaps. I was thinking of a more bolder color this year. Let me see.

I’m also cooking up a little video tutorial for y’all. I told you that I am slowly building my make up stash once again. I’m so excited. I use my make ups all the time now. Ang saya. I’ll show you my 5-minute routine and a little make up review. Promise.

And then of course, #AlDub!! Yep, yep, yep! This mum is part of the AlDub Nation. They keep me sane. The Lolas, Yaya and Alden. T h e y   k e e p   m e   s a n e! I’ll tell more about it. I really want to blog about it kaso baka sabihin nakikiuso ako. But I’ll tell you about my AlDub addiction in a separate post. Masaya ang buhay ko dahil sa kalyeserye. They deserve a space in my little corner. Keber na kung nakikiuso.

And yeah! My toddler. My toddler!!!!! Oh my gosh. I am always tired. Naghahabol na din sya sa umaga. She would cry and cry and cry and won’t let me go. I find it so hard to leave in the morning. And her energy. I don’t know where she keeps all her energy. My little snitch. She would run around. She would dance. She would talk non-stop!! Oh my gosh. The conversations. Sometimes frustrating. Sometimes annoying. But most of the time, hilarious. I love talking to my kid. I love it. Now she would talk to me every time I’d call. She would say crazy things like Minnie, Baba, Tata or Didi. Ang saya. Pero nakakapagod. Sometimes, I would look at her and wonder what I ever did to deserve this precious gift. Sometimes I can't believe that I'm already a mum. And then sometimes I miss my old life. Yung chismisan with my friends. Yung inuman. The late nights. The travels. The adventures. Just last week, I watched Heneral Luna with my old movie buddies and it feels sooooo good. Talking to them. Yung kulitan. Yung biruan. Nakakamiss.

So that’s basically it. That’s me. My life now. A bit crazy. Back to regular programming ulit.

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