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Last Friday, I was invited by our friends from The Asian Parent and Switch Collab for their Digtal Mom Survey Report discussion. And boy, I'm so glad I attended.

On the event, they presented the summary of their Digital Mom Survey Report and discussed how mums nowadays are turning digital. And I should agree!

I don't know how many times I said this before but I am so glad that I became a mum in the digital age. Where information is practically at my fingertips. Where I could get connected to thousands of fellow mums learn from them.

I mean now I could google my worries away. I am a member of different mum groups and asking questions to fellow mums is just a breeze. Now I could always make an informed choice.

Honestly, now I always have something to say to my pedia. I always ask her what her opinions are about certain topics and it really made me feel relieved that I choose a pedia who knows her stuff. My pedia also does her research. Nagbabasa din ng news about latest discoveries. Inaalam ang bottomline ng mga articles. Kaya I know that my daughter is in good hands. And I must say that being digital helped me A LOT.

Basically, surveyed around 2700 mums across 6 countries in Asia - Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and India.

Here Are The 6 Highlights For Filipino Mums From The 2015 Annual Asian Digital Mom Survey 

  1. She’s the leader of the digital pack. No doubt about this. We rule the digital pack. Almost all of us are social media savvy. And a lot of us are super active online.
  2. She’s ​ma-chika​! 63% of Filipino moms spend one to six hours on the internet. Some for work. Some to research. Some to stay connected. Actually, on one of my FB mum groups, you'd really see how ma-chicka Pinays are. Post a question and you'd definitely get loads of answers. Everyone wants to share!
  3. She strives to better herself as a parent and homemaker. 49% of mums are even more active on social media past seven p.m. A whole chunk of mums spends time reading articles, reading threads about parenting. Some share their experience. I, for one, use this blog to share Parenting Tips.
  4. She opts for screen time over face time. According to the survery 77% of mums interact online. Harhar! With our super busy schedules, most of the time we only get updated thru chat and honestly, that's super okay. My bestfriends and I communicate thu Viber. Kahit busy sa buhay buhay, we get to "talk" and get updated.
  5. She seeks out parenting advice online. A good 84% of Filipino moms regularly gather online advice from friends and family members in their online network. Similarly, a close 82% of Filipino moms trust parenting websites to curate advice for them and offer them the best solutions for their mommy concerns. I am part of that statistics. I swear! I don't know what I'll do without my trusted online sites like theAsianParent. I learned loads from them. That's why I also share tips thru this blog.
  6. She prefers digital over traditional media. Digital is really the way to be. It's so hard to hold a magazine while breastfeeding. Believe me, I tried. And I failed. Miserably. Harhar!
After the Digital Mom Survey Presentation, the also introduces their Parent Advisory Board.

Their panel are great ha! They have everything covered. Breastfeeding mums. Happy, honest couple na pini-peg ko talaga (hello Frances and Vince). Beautiful mums. Mums with great homes. Entrepreneurs. Dads. Behavioral experts.

Diba? I love that they included dads as well coz we honestly need to hear it from them too.

We had a sneak peek on what some of them has to offer during the event as they answer some questions. Galing lang talaga. I love the line up. I love the variety. I love that they got different people with different specialties but has one goal which is to help fellow parents. I love love LOVE it.

Go check out mums.

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