Playback Rewind: Weekend Family Fun

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After our MomSchool event,  the #FabSkye and I went straight to Rockwell for Sky Cable’s Playback Rewind: Weekend Family Fun event.

I know, such a jam-packed day and to think that it’s just me and the baby. Imagine how haggard I am that day. Thank heavens for Uber. Such a life saver. All I did was tap the request button on my phone and wait for my ever reliable, ever friendly and ever helpful Uber driver. It sure made our jam-packed events day more bearable. Pero hinding hindi ko padin uulitin yun!!!

So going back to the event (eto na naman ako, more more chicka na naman, out of topic na!), I didn’t really know what to expect. We know that Sky Cable has prepared a fun family weekend for us and that the kids are to expect a trip down memory lane with their mums and dads.

Sky Cable surely delivered with flying colors! The Rockwell Tent was full of colorful game booths, food booths and a nice stage. The staff are all nice and the baby surely had loads of fun. Let’s photoblog shall we?

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The first booth we tried is the Tumbang Preso. The #FabSkye was amazed at the giant tsinelas. She was staring at it for a full minute, it was crazy.

sky-play-back-rewind-family-fun (5)sky-play-back-rewind-family-fun (3)

I would like to mention though how much I love the setup of the booths. It was safe for the kids to play. There are enough staff manning each booth and they are very much friendly. I feel at ease to allow the kid to roam around and really enjoy.

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The Piko booth is one of her favorite. The #FabSkye is familiar with this game. The kids from our neighborhood would play piko on the streets in the afternoon. And every time we’d go out, she would play with them. Well, more like, manggugulo sya. The Ates manning the Piko booth are such loves. They had fun watching the baby “jump”. Jump na ni hindi umangat sa lupa. I should have taken a video talaga. It was so funny. She’s very much excited to jump pa and she’d look at me as if saying “Lookie Nanay! I jumped.

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She also scored a couple of chocolate chip cookies from that booth for “playing”. She would jump until the end of the board and grab a pack of cookies from the box. Crazy kid.

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After seeing the other kids jump their hearts out at the Luksong Lubid booth, she went ahead and tried it out. Again, the nice kuyas are very much accommodating. They allowed the baby to “jump” on the rope and gave her some candies after trying it out. She felt really happy knowing that she was able to try it.

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The Dama booth are for older kids I guess. But she went ahead and played with dama pieces. Hahaha! Look at her dapa picture. I was supposed to take her picture running for the dama board pero sakto nadapa sya. I was laughing my pants off. Hahaha! The great thing about my baby is that she’s very independent. She would get up on her own after a fall. Most of the time no tears. I would know if she’s really hurt if she cried a bit and show her ouchie. But generally, she would just get up and pay again. What an active kid!

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One of the Ates encouraged the baby to try Jackstone. She was intrigued because other girls are also playing with her. Look at how attentive she is while Ate was trying to show her how to play jackstone. Kaso medyo di ata na-gets ng bagets ang proper way of throwing the ball. Binabato nya sa akin yung bola eh. Basketball anak? Pasahan ng bola?!

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When: 25 July 2015

Where: Playback Rewind Event by Sky Cable 
What #FabSkye Wore: Yellow Polo Shirt: Osh Kosh B'gosh | Leggings: Guess Kids | Lavander Shorts: Gingersnaps | Gold Shoes: Suki Baby

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This is definitely her most favorite booth. The moment she saw the xylophones and the drums, she was sold. She stayed longer on this booth than any other booth on the area. She had fun playing the drums and the xylophone and trying to snag a drum stick or two.

sky-play-back-rewind-family-fun (10)sky-play-back-rewind-family-fun (9)

Just look at how focused she is at making her own music. I hope I’d have a musician for a daughter. Bilang sintunado ako. It’ll be awesome.

sky-play-back-rewind-family-fun (18)sky-play-back-rewind-family-fun (17)

Other booths are Kite Making and Claydough, the Pick-up Sticks booth and that Joomajam booth where the kid are thought how to create a musical instrument using recycled materials.

Aside from the awesome game booths, Sky also set up awesome food booths for the entire family.

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There are popcorns, ice creams, hotdogs, waffles, pasta, chicken, siopao, frappe and drinks. All you have to do is roam around the place and for sure you’d see a thing or two that would interest you.

It surely is a weekend family FUN. To say that the baby had fun is an understatement. By 3PM, I texted the ReigningTatay and asked for re-enforcement. Di ko na talaga keri ang pagod. I was carrying all our stuff while running after the baby. It was crazy.

Buti nalang din I saw fellow mum bloggers on the event. Hahaha! At least kahit puro kami haggard we were able to make chicka ng very light.

Thank you so much Sky Cable for inviting us. And thank you for this idea of re-introducing our old games to the younger generation. They need to be reminded that actual play s so much better and more fun. I was seeing a lot of kids enjoying the games and listening intently on the rules of the game. For sure, they would share it to their friends and soon our kalsada will be filled with chalk marks of piko and tumbang preso again! Till next time!

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