Life Changers’ Challenge: Success in Numbers by Pharmaton

We all dreamed of a better place. Of a better Philippines. Of a better world. But now that I’m a mum, I do not only dream it. I also work hard for it. I know it’s a long shot. But it’s always worth a try. Anyway, a better world would mean a better place for my child to live in. And I always want the best for my kid.

I start with being a breastfeeding advocate. I always say that I work on one mum at a time. I talk to one mum at a time. I educate one mum at a time. And then maybe, just maybe, soon all the mums would choose the best for their child. Soon they’d see the importance of breastfeeding. And maybe soon they'd make a more informed choice.

When I received an invite from our friends in Pharmaton, I didn't know that I'd go home inspired and happy. This is the kind of event I want to be a part of. Events that not only aim to market their product but uses their brand's marketing capability for a greater cause.

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This year, Pharmaton, a leading multivitamin brand, launches Life Changers' Challenge: Success In Numbers. They aim to find the best life changer in the Philippines and help them achieve their dream or advocacy.

That night was the awarding night. Each team was given a chance to present their project or advocacy and was given the chance to answer inquiries from the judges.

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Hearing each and every team present made me teary eyed. Hearing them present their project or advocacy made me realize that I am not alone in aspiring for a better world. And I am not alone in taking action.

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These people, these people has dedicated their lives, talent, intelligence, time and effort to make a change. To aspire change. To encourage people to change their lives for the better.

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Out of the 10 finalist, here are the teams that really touched my heart:

1. Island Kids - A group of men who aims to teach the kids of Siargao to play soccer. These men are not pure Filipinos. These handsome men could easily get out of the barrio and live a bachelor's life. But no. They opted to do something that'll empower the kids. That'll help them. That’ll unlock their potential.

2. The Passion Wearthy Project - These is a group of Zamboangeños who create something wonderful from trash. Recycling these items to create something useful and pretty. They recycle tens of thousands of plastic thru “fusion”, a Filipino technology that converts plastics into leather like materials. The thing is, this project give livelihood to PWDs. Nakakaiyak talaga to see them working on a project. Something they could sell eventually so they’d have money. Plus the projects are very pretty. They have a bag that has a built in kapote. Sooo cute and sooo genius.

3. Oras na Para sa Alpabasa - The grand winner. These girls has devised a reading program called the Alpabasa Series that would improve the teacher's method in teaching the kids how to read. I am with them on this advocacy. When I was a kid, and well until now, my mama would always say that “turuan mo lang yan magbasa, yan ang tulay sa pagtalino”. Which is true. My parent thought me how to read and that’s basically it. I could read as early as 3yrs old. I could read both English and  Tagalog. And I agree with them when they say that studies show that a lot of kids nowadays are not good in reading. Eh paano nga naman sila matututo kung pagbasa lang hindi magawa?
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See? So much inspiration in one night. I’m really glad I went to the event. It made me realize na may pag asa pa. Meron pa, Pilipinas. Kapit lang.

To view the videos of the other participants, visit their website and be inspired.

Congrats Pharmaton for this successful project. Kudos!

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