Only The Purest For Our Loves

I’ve always been very particular with the water I give the #FabSkye. Well, I am very particular with every little detail that concerns my kid pero ibang level ang water. I, myself, is very sensitive to drinking water. I am very prone to diarrhea. And I know for a fact that diarrhea is on top of the list of illness that’s fatal to babies. So I will never risk it.

Last 25 June, I was invited on Wilkins’ Media Con where they invited pediatricians, mums and Wilkins’ big bosses to discuss the importance of distilled water and why Wilkins is the most trusted brand.

Did you know that once you open your bottle of water, it is best to keep them on cool, dry place to avoid getting contaminated? Did you know that Wilkins have their own reservoir of water to ensure that they only provide the purest and safest drinking water? Did you know that 80% of all illness in the developing world is water related? That’s why our doctors would always tell us to “drink up” if we’re feeling a bit off.

Did you know that Wilkins Distilled undergoes an extra purifying step called reverse osmosis? Reverse osmosis dissolves inorganic solids, like salts, and removes impurities and contaminates from the water. Making it really, really safe.

Us mums should really know stuff like these to ensure that we are giving the best to our families. I’m just so glad that I attended this event. I learned loads!!

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