My Little Snitch

CK-Denim-Dress-Baby-Girl-Fashion (4)

Another #FabSkye #OOTB for y’all!!

This is what she wore when we went gift shopping for her Ninang Jerellt’s house warming. She and Tatay went to the mall where I met them up. We we’re supposed to shop a week early but ended up empty handed every time. Iba talaga pag cramming, mas may napapala.

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I know every time I post her #OOTBs on this blog, I kept on calling her my little snitch. Well, because she is!! Remember our little patch of grass? Where we always take her #OOTBs? I’m pretty sure you miss it. Me too!!I miss, miss, miss those grass and the beautiful wall. Dati, I always end up with a gazillion great photos. As in!

Now, I have photos like these…

CK-Denim-Dress-Baby-Girl-Fashion (3)

And this…

CK-Denim-Dress-Baby-Girl-Fashion (2)

I now end up with a gazillion blurred photos. And it’s so hard to choose a decent one for ze blog. Every time I’d try to take her picture on our beloved patch of grass, we’d always end up running after her. Nakakaloka!!!

CK-Denim-Dress-Baby-Girl-Fashion (7)CK-Denim-Dress-Baby-Girl-Fashion (6)

So now, all her pictures are stolen ones. As in, I have to have the camera ready ALWAYS. And then be quick on snapping them photos. I also have to know how to take photos of a moving object. Hahahaha! Coz she sure moves A LOT!

CK-Denim-Dress-Baby-Girl-Fashion (1)

This stage is crazy tiring. I know I kept on saying this lately pero mga Inay, sobra naman talagang nakakapagod! She wants to play. All day and all night. And I don’t know where she stores all her energy because I am pretty that little body can’t possibly have that much. Baka nasa pisngi ano?

Ang liit liit pero ang kulit kulit!! And she has a lot of antics now. She knows all of the commercials (well at least those with catchy songs on it, I should talk to Mila about this!). She loves to dance to Nae-Nae and Twirk It Like Miley. She’s very malambing too. She once bit me while breastfeeding, I ended up crying. And so she kissed me and hugged me. As if she’s saying sorry. Now every time she’d hit someone or accidentally hurt anybody because of her kakulitan, she’d kiss and hug that person immediately and would say “Ri-Ri”. How cutey!!!

CK-Denim-Dress-Baby-Girl-Fashion (5)

When: 11 June 2015
What: Denim Dress and Panty: Calvin Klein Jeans | Rubber Shoes: H&M | Hair Ribbon: Gingersnaps
Where: House warming gift shopping with Nanay and Tatay.

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