Overdose of Cuteness

It’s been a while since I last post an #OOTB. I kinda miss it. I have a lot of pictures on my hard drive now and I can’t wait to share them all. Though if you’re following me on social media (Not? Follow me pronto! @reigningstill on IG and Twitter), you’re a little bit updated. I try to compensate the lack of blog post with social media posts. Coz I know you all want to get updated with my crazy. Harhar!

Anyway, she wore this outfit a couple of months back. When we went to Tagaytay for my office team building. I am lucky for having team mates who allow me to tag along my little family with me during office events.

The #FabSkye had loads of fun in Tagaytay. She enjoyed the pool very much. And loved the mini garden they have. Plus she also enjoyed walking around the area. I can’t wait to do more staycations/vacations with the little girl!

Now get ready for an overdose of cuteness.

gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (12)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (2)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (5)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (14)

When: 23 May 2015
Where: Office Team Building in Tagaytay
What #FabSkye Wore: Green Floral Jumpsuit: Gingersnaps | Boater Hat: Trifted | Sandals: From Paco Market (80Php) | Her favorite Minnie Mouse plush toy

gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (1)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (7)

I’d like to special mention the #FabSkye’s sandals here. This is a very cheap sandals that I got from Paco Market. Only 80Php!! And I love it. :) Isn’t it cute? And very comfy too. I’d only like to point out that you don’t need expensive stuff. Nasa nagdadala yan!

gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (6)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (4)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (11)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (8)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (13)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (10)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (9)gingersnaps-jumpsuit-baby-girl-fashion (3)

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