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Baby girl with Baby Alive Doll
Life has been crazy busy lately. Having a toddler is no joke! She’s just zooming in and out. Playing. Her toys are every where. It’s normal for us to sleep with her dolls and plush toys and books. Usual din sumigaw ng “aray!” dahil natapakan/nahigaan ang mga toys.

She also know what she wants now. She’d say “dede”, “mamam”, “Nana”, “Tata” and “wiwi”. And she would charm her way into getting what she wants. Crazy. And so making sure that I discipline her properly and effectively is on top of my priorities.

I’ve always received compliments on how Skye’s turning out – she’s charming, she’s behaved, she eats everything and is very smart. But she’s a baby. And she’s growing up. Faster than I could ever imagine. I am sure that she’ll change. But I hope that she’ll change for the better. More disciplined. Smarter.

One thing though, to be clear, I never dreamed that she’ll be super tahimik. OMG! No! Hindi ko sya anak pag ganun. Normal sa bata ang maglikot. It’s normal for kids her age to explore. To try stuff. So I always choose my battles with her. I allow her to do what she wants. Basta hindi delikado. We allow her na magkalat. Get dirty sometimes. And it was oh so much fun. And she’s happier.

As a kid kasi I never played. I swear. I never played outside like the normal kids. Diba during our time it s normal to play outside? No choice but to get dirty. But me? Nope. I’m home reading. I know, crazy. That’s why I’m lampa. So I don’t want that to happen to my kid.

But still sometimes, I dunno. The mess, the ingay. It gets into my nerves. All I want is a decent sleep on weekends and I can’t get it because I have an active toddler who wants to play, play and play.

Just like in this set of pictures. This was taken during one of our afternoon walks. She insist to give Liv, her doll, a walk! On a stroller!!

Baby girl with Baby Alive Doll

And so we went out. Brought the doll and the stroller. And allowed her to walk and walk and walk. When all I really want is to sleep.

Baby girl with Baby Alive DollBaby girl with Baby Alive Doll

But who am I to complain? Well, I have everything to be thankful for. I have an active baby. Smart. And loves her toys very much. And she’s pretty too.

Baby girl with Baby Alive Doll

Look at her pinky finger. So arte!! Hahahaha! She’s wearing an old dress here. And you’ve actually seen her wear it on this blog (here and here). It’s an infant dress and she could still wear it!

Baby girl with Baby Alive Doll

This is her normal look in the afternoon. Usually after her morning bath, she would sleep and play and get dirty so we would make her wear just sando and her cloth diapers. But in the afternoon, in time for her daily visit to her lolo and lola (ReigningTatay’s parents), we would dress her up. She’s usually on pretty dresses. We would make her wear her pretty clothes kahit nasa bahay kasi sayang. Kaliliitan.

Even if we go out naman almost every weekend, still, sayang the clothes. Some of our neighbors would tell us bakit daw ganun. Sayang ang damit. Baka daw madumihan lang. Eh well, my point naman kasi is MAS sayang pag hindi nagamit. Right?   
  Baby girl with Baby Alive Doll 
Even on shoes. Hehehe! She would wear her nice shoes pag naglalakad sa labas. Kesa naman mabulok dito sa bahay. Buti nalang I saw some cheap shoes sa Paco. It only cost 80php and I promise!! Sobrang cute!!! I am so close at hoarding. Kaya lang naisip ko if I got it in every color baka after 2months waley na. I will show you her cheap shoes on her next #OOTB. Promise super cute. And the fact that it’s cheap is what makes it extra special.

When: 06 June 2015
Where: Home
What #FabSkye Wore: Pink Mini Dress: St. Patrick (infant) | Ballet Shoes: H&M | Headband: gift from Ninang Erlie

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