Nourishing Love

Motherhood is what defines me now. And I could say that I have never known love until I became a mum. The selflessness. The unconditional love.

I am also always in awe of how much connected I am to my daughter. Earlier this week, I noticed that there’s something wrong with her. Everybody here at home even the ReigningTatay kept on telling me that I am absurd. The baby looks fantastic. Very active. Just her happy self. But I insist. I told them she’s not feeling well that day and I am right! That same night, the baby got low-grade fever. She’s having the sniffles! And I was like “I told you so!” to everybody at home. Well, everybody except my own mother because she totally get me. She’s like that as well. She just knows when we’re off. She doesn’t even know how she knew, she just knows. And I am exactly like that now. I guess, every mum is.

And although we all know that a mum’s love cannot be replaced, I found a brand that promises to capture that essence of a mother’s nourishing love – Baby Care Plus+ Milk. It’s a line of baby bath, soap, lotion, and powder infused with milk moisturizers for smoother, nourished skin. They are mild and dermatologically tested, making them perfect for babies and young children.

The Baby Care Plus+ Milk Baby Bath gently cleanses and conditions baby’s sensitive skin and hair, while the Baby Soap has milk moisturizers and olive oil extracts to protect baby’s skin from dryness. Both the Bath and Soap have a Lamesoft Skin Protector that helps form a natural barrier to prevent the loss of moisture while bathing. The Baby Lotion, on the other hand, has a light formulation, which locks in moisture for up to 24 hours, plus Vitamin E that nourishes baby’s skin, making it velvety smooth, soft, and smelling good all day long.

I can’t wait to try it on the #FabSkye! I want her to feel my nourishing love all day, everyday. Being a working mum makes you feel like you don’t always give your best to your child. It’s great to know that there are brands who has the mother’s nourishing love in mind as they develop a product.

Actually, I am a fan of the Tupperware brands. I use Kids Plus+ Cologne on Skye. Remember when I told you that asthma runs in the family? So yeah, baby colognes are off limits to us. But lately, since the #FabSkye is uber active, medyo smelly na! The head would be asim! So I looked for a gentle cologne for her. The smell should not be overpowering. And I should be able to use it. Yes! Ako ang test dummy. And Kids Plus+ is perfect. It didn't trigger my allergic rhinitis so it’s safe for my baby. Will do a full review soon!

For now, allow me to nurse my flu.

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