My Baby With Her Baby

Hello, everyone! I have loads of kwento for all of you. I am still swimming in my pending posts and it’s kinda getting deeper and deeper. My crazy work, plus the crazy thing called motherhood and my swimming lessons (literally) are the main reasons why I can’t even write.

BUT, these pictures taken by the ReigningTatay yesterday put a stop on this whole writer’s block phase. Just look at my adorable one year old.

Baby girl on a white dress with her Baby Alive Doll

She looks like a little lady already. Whoah! This is my baby, carrying her baby Liv. :)

My baby girl love dolls. Her all time favorite is Minie, her little Minnie Mouse plush toy. But one Saturday at the mall, she saw this baby doll with a pink stroller. Ayun, hinatak na ang stroller at hindi na binitawan. And just last week, she saw a Baby Alive doll. And she was very very happy. As in her eyes twinkled and she carried the doll. So this Nanay has to buy her one. Buti nalang, this doll is on sale! We got this for only 1000php, from it’s original 1500php price. Pwede na.

Just to be clear, the #FabSkye is not like those kids who would throw tantrums at the toy store. Her eyes would twinkle on a toy and she’d want to get it but if I say no, she’d go out without a tear. But being a mum, I just can’t help but buy her the stuff that she likes. I am trying very hard not to spoil her and put a balance on this whole “toys scenes”. Pero ang hirap talaga. Especially since as a kid, I know how it feels not to have the toys you’ve been dreaming of having. I remember wanting a Barbie Doll back then. And I never had one. So now I want my baby to have the toys that she wants. But I’m afraid of spoiling her. Hahahaha! Motherhood is driving me crazy.

Anyway, the smile on my baby’s face is priceless. So keri na!! Bahala na! We named the doll “Liv”. And she has been making my princess really happy. She would always look for Liv first thing in the morning. They take a bath together. She would ask me to dede Liv first before she would dede. And she always carry Liv everywhere. Adorable!

Baby girl on a white dress with her Baby Alive Doll

What The #FabSkye Wore: White Dress with Gold Trimmings and Ribbon: Garfield Baby (Size 3months and worn on her Baptism) | Doll Shoes: H&M | Headband: H&M
When: 05 June 2015
Where: Just at home

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