Basic Swimming Lessons at Bert Lozada Swim School

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As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, I really believe that swimming is a life skill.

I never learned how to swim. I am actually very afraid of the water. Kahit naka-life vest na ko, feeling ko malulunod padin ako. That’s how terrible I am. And yet, I love travelling. And the beach too. Plus I did a lot of water adventures before I got pregnant with the #FabSkye. And boy! The fact that I don’t know how to swim is a very huge sagabal.

So when our friends from Bert Lozada Swim School invited me to try out their 10 day swimming lesson program, I immediately said yes.

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I took their Introduction to Swimming Basic Class, which is a 10 day program. The class is everyday from Monday-Friday for 2 weeks. At first I thought having a swimming class everyday is tiresome but then I realized that it is actually a great idea. Coz hello? I need to practice what I learned. Doing it once or twice a week won’t help me. I’ll just forget everything I learn.

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I enrolled on their A Venue Hotel branch in Makati because it’s the most accessible for me (they have loads of branches so for sure, you'd find one near your place). It’s just one jeepney ride from my work office and I took the night class. It’s a 1 hour class that covers fundamental skills in swimming like floating, arm and leg action, most importantly BREATHING.

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I noticed that it focuses on survival technique and freestyle. And I love that they are teaching us survival skills more than anything. Talagang ang aim ay makalutang sa tubig at makalangoy ng relaxed. Exactly my goal.

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There are 6 of us in a class. We have the coach and 3 very nice teachers. Our class always start and ends on time. They are very strict with safety too so one must be in proper swim attire – swimsuits (nothing too flashy), swimming cap, swimming goggles and kickboard.

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They are also very strict with the schedule. Bawal absent. You miss a class, sorry nalang. Commitment it is. So make sure that you clear two weeks of your schedule for this.

I am very proud to report that I now know how to float properly and to “swim”. After our 10 day class, I learned the basics of survival swimming. And I am now a bit confident in the water. Well, more like, a lot confident in the water.

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I really suggest that you take this class if you are like me who wants to know how to swim.

Actually, it’s motherhood who made me decide to conquer my fears. I keep on thinking, what if there would come a time that I need to swim to rescue my child? Anong gagawin ko? Iiyak nalang?

What will I do during family outings? Maglakad lakad sa pool? I can’t even swim with my child and actually enjoy the water.

And besides, when I was young and I am swimming with my Papa, I really feel safe coz I know that he could swim. I want my child to feel that way too. I want her to feel safe with me, always.

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Thing is, on my first day, I learned that I’ll be taking swimming lessons with my officemates. The guy above is an officemate. Nagkagulatan pa kami when we saw each other. Harhar! And according to them (2 officemates are my swim-mates), madami dami na din pala yung nag enroll sa Bert Lozada from our office. Millennials really know that swimming is a life skill and is something worthy of their money.

Anyway, that guy already know how to swim but he wants to do it properly daw. Sakto lang daw ang alam nya. And when he mentioned it to our teachers, they we’re nice enough to make sure that he gets more advance lectures. Fit for his skills.

That’s the thing about Bert Lozada Swim School, you would feel that they really want you to learn. They ask each of us yung status ng aming confidence in the water. And they adjust talaga. One of my classmates really has fear of the waters and they were very patient with her. Okay diba? Worth every penny. That’s what you get when you enroll at the best swim school in the Philippines. Best service talaga.

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Here I am with our teachers and coach and the Bert Lozada staff and a classmate. This is after our “graduation”. We each got certificates and a t-shirt.

Sobrang thank you to our friends from Bert Lozada Swim School for this opportunity. I plan to take another class next year. Just to beef up my knowledge, you know. And I am doing some practice too. So yey!

If you wanna take classes like me, go and contact Bert Lozada Swim School here. They are very accommodating.

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