Happy Colors of Summer

Hello everybody! *wave*wave*
How are you? It’s very HOT! Nanay won’t let me go out in the morning and early afternoon because every time I would try to go out of our room, I would get sweaty. Like I just took a bath. So I always stay on our room with the AC on full blast. Because I can’t stand the heat. My fellow babies are so kawawa. I hope your mums and dads are able to keep you cool.

Anyway, this is what I wore on my Nanay’s evening party during their company outing. Me and Tatay went with her. We had so much fun swimming and eating and partying by the beach! My Nanay will blog about it soon. She says soon but I’m sure it’s not so soon. She’s always busy with me.
Gingersnaps-Dress-Suki-Shoes-HM-Headband-Baby-Girl-Fashion (7)Gingersnaps-Dress-Suki-Shoes-HM-Headband-Baby-Girl-Fashion (6)Gingersnaps-Dress-Suki-Shoes-HM-Headband-Baby-Girl-Fashion (5)
By the way, I can walk now!!! But I’m still afraid to walk outside. I don’t want to get hurt. So I only walk inside our house. My Nanay is very tired running after me. Because I always walk and walk and walk. I love walking. And running. It’s so much fun!!!
Gingersnaps-Dress-Suki-Shoes-HM-Headband-Baby-Girl-Fashion (4)Gingersnaps-Dress-Suki-Shoes-HM-Headband-Baby-Girl-Fashion (3)Gingersnaps-Dress-Suki-Shoes-HM-Headband-Baby-Girl-Fashion (2)Gingersnaps-Dress-Suki-Shoes-HM-Headband-Baby-Girl-Fashion (1) 
I hope this very hot summer would end soon. I love summer because most of my playmates are here (no school!) but I can’t play with them with this heat. I hope it’s not too hot next week. So I could go out.
For now, stay safe everybody. Drink a lot of water and freshen up often. I love you all.

When: 10-11 April 2015 Where: Nanay's company outing, Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Laiya What: Headband: H&M | Floral Dress: Gingersnaps | Green Doll Shoes: Suki Kids

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