Nutri10Plus for Active Kids

Skye is an exclusively breastfed baby. Meaning, during her first 6months of life, she only had breast milk. Which is what she only need. Really. No water. No vitamins. Only pedia-prescribed medicines when she got sick. I did this to protect her virgin gut and make sure that she’s healthy and thriving.

But now that she’s 14months old, I believe that she needs her daily dose of vitamins. I’m still breastfeeding her at night and she takes fresh milk, as beverage, in the morning and eat lotsa solids but she needs a little bit of a booster for her super active lifestyle now.

Grabe the toddlerhood!! Insane. This little kiddo keeps on running and walking and talking and playing and shouting and laughing and screaming. I think I owe my slightly less pudgy self to her, what with the constant running around we do everyday.

So our stash of Nutri10Plus from Wert Philippines arrived just in time. This new vitamins endorsed by the cutie Alonzo Muhlach believes in helping the Filipino kids to be “Aktibo’t Malakas”. Exactly what I want my darling baby to be.

And when I showed her little stash of vitamins, the #FabSkye can’t help but be giddy. Yay!! Thanks again Wert Philippines. :)

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