#TopazMommyxBobbiBrown Makeup Lessons For Moms

Last 09 May, I finally had the chance to meet my blogger and mum peg, and well I have to really admit this, my IDOL – Frances Sales!

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

Yaaaaaaaaayyy!!! I was so kilig when I finally, finally met her. She’s very pretty. And simple. And easy to talk with. She’s very honest. Very sweet. She’s totally her blog. I love it. She arrived on the venue wearing a black tube top and black pants, pearl necklace and bare face. And still, she looked stunning. OMG!

While I, arrived at the venue looking like this! Bare face, freckles and all! So brave!

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Anyway, now allow me to tell you all about that day we met.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

Well the thing is, I was one of the lucky Topaz Mommy mum readers who got invited on Frances’ first ever workshop. So a day before Mother’s Day, we had a simple Makeup Lessons For Moms from the Bobbi Brown experts.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms
With Martine of Make It Blissful, Frances of Topaz Mommy and Topaz Horizon and the other Topaz Mum Readers
We met at the Bobbi Brown store in SM Megamall. Who would’ve thought that Bobbi Brown actually have a small room for make up sessions? Well they do! And we had an intimate gathering of mums who wants to do their make up easily and effectively.

Bobbi Brown Store

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

I haven’t been to the Bobbi Brown store ever. SM Megamall is kinda far from my comfort zone so I seldom go there. Anyway, I must say that it’s every kikay girl’s happy place. Colors upon colors of make ups. Clear and well-lit mirrors. And the lights! Nakakaganda talaga.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms
BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

They were showing videos of simple makeup tutorials. The walls are very pretty too. I was telling the other mum bloggers there that every sulok of this store is Instagram-worthy. As in. The staff are very helpful. And their managers are all so pretty. When I met them, sabi ko, I will never be a Bobbi Brown employee. Taas ng requirements teh! They are all super pretty.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

That’s me, pre-make up. Oh well. I think I might actually have a chance of being a Bobbi Brown employee. Especially after learning from Tamara, our make up guru.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

Tamara says that make up really does help us mums to be Pretty Powerful. And I can’t help but agree. I’m one of those girls who would wear make up on days when I feel down or too busy. Sabi ko nga, I may feel like hell, but will never look like hell! Pero syempre, things are different now. I don’t have the time, sometimes even the energy to actually put on my make up in the morning. When I was single, I don’t understand why some mums don’t bother to even comb her hair. I promised myself that I will never be like that. I will be the gorgeous mum. But heck! Now I would usually find myself wearing anything I could easily reach on the closet that would fit. I don’t even have the time to comb my hair or put on BBcream. I am that mum, I don’t want to become.

Why? Because there’s a baby to feed, to bathe, to put to sleep. There’s a baby I have to make libang or else may iyakan na naman na magaganap sa bahay. Damn! It’s soooo hard. And I feel bad about myself. I feel bloated. I feel ugly. I don’t feel like myself. So this workshop is really heaven-sent.

I learned A LOT! As in a whole lot from Tamara and the other mums. And I’m sharing it with you, because I love you all.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms
  1. Use multi-functional products. Like the Bobbi Brown Foundation Serum that is a moisturizer, foundation and sunblock all in one. It would definitely cut off your time in doing your make up. And I swear, that foundation serum is the bomb! I am so getting my hands on it real soon. Once I run out of BBcream.
  2. Use a corrector for your eyebags. Alam kong problema nyo din yan mummies, so apir! Anyway, use corrector to neutralize the dark shadows. Do not use concealer to hide it so it won’t look ashy. Although, you can use a concealer after using the corrector to really cover your dark shadows if you have a major eye bag problem.
  3. Concealer, according to Bobbi Brown herself, is the secret of the universe. It is perfect for brightening your face. And I swear, if used correctly, you would see a major major difference on your face. As in like, you just had a perfect 8 hour, uninterrupted sleep. When Tamara was doing Frances, we all went ooohh and aaahh because you could really see the effects of putting the correct make up to a mum’s face.
  4. Skin care is VERY IMPORTANT. We all know this. But sometimes, me included, we’re guilty of not actually doing anything to take care of our skin. Do not forget to wash, tone and moisturize. Even if you have oily skin.
  5. Do NOT powder the entire face to set your liquid foundation or BBcream. A lot of my fellow mums plead guilty of this. And Tamara says that’s the reason why Frances looked ghostly on pictures. Because of too much powdering. Well, I do not really powder my face because I have dry skin. So I love dewy finish. Anyway, if you really really need to powder your face, only dab a little on your T zone.
  6. For smoky eye shadow, use brown! Throw away your blacks and grays, they are sooo 90’s. Sorry naman Tamara! Hahahaha!
  7. Brown eye liner is the best too.
  8. It is better to draw small brow hairs when doing your brows instead of the most common way which is, outline your brow and then shade. Drawing small brow hairs make it more natural.
  9. The perfect lipstick should be 2 shades darker or 2 shades lighter than your natural lip color.
  10. Do not be afraid to experiment on lip color.
BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

After the workshop, we went out to play with the thousands of make ups on the store. I immediately tried to do my face and see if I can do it.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

That’s my before and after look. Lesser freckles. No eye bags. Brighter eyes. Dewy face that looked years younger. Even my lips are of the perfect color. Very light. Very natural. Perfect for everyday look. Pretty powerful!

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

Left picture is me after putting on the foundation serum. Look at how effective it is to hide my freckles. Actually, I love that the freckles are still slightly noticeable. It seems more natural. I look more me.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

We were also assisted by the very nice Bobbi Brown staffs while doing our make up. We even got a couple more tips from them!

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

We had this pretty packed lunch c/o Eats Happy (@eatshappyfood on IG). Our lunch is pretty and yummy. Ang saya!

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

And we went home with this loot from NBS and Bobbi Brown. I love the notebook. I made it my blogging notebook because I had Frances and Martine sign it. Messages from my blogger pegs. It inspires me to be better at what I do.

BobbiBrown Makeup Lessons for Moms

Again, thank you Frances for this opportunity to bond with you and the rest of the mums. And congrats on your first ever workshop!! I am praying for more soon. I had an awesome, awesome day.

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  1. OMG I love bobbi brown! Ill definitely research more about that serum!


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