What's in my summer bag?

Hello everybody! *wave*wave*

How are you friends? My Nanay said it will be fun to show you what’s inside my summer baby bag. :) So I will show you the contents of my backpack. You will see what I bring everyday, when I go to the mall or church or blog events. And I will tell you why I need them.

Here it is!
Baby bag must haves

  1. Shawl. My Nanay always carry a shawl with her and use it to cover me while I dede even though I hate it and remove it. She also use it as a changing mat or chair cover when I want to sleep. My stroller cover if it’s hot or raining and I’m outside. Sometimes I use it as umbrella if we don’t have one. Shawls are ah-mey-zing!
  2. Wet bag. I also carry a wet bag because I’m using cloth diapers. This is where my Nanay put my used/soiled cloth diaper and my used/soiled clothes. Anything wet and dirty go here.
  3. Extra cloth diaper. For when I poop or pee too much and I need a change. :)
  4. Cap. For when it suddenly rained while we’re outside or the sun is too hot. This cap is always with me.
  5. Wet wipes. It’s every Nanay’s best friend. Go and ask my Nanay. We have wet wipes every where in the house. For when I suddenly need cleaning up. Which is often. Oooops!
  6. Water in a feeding bottle. Although I can now drink water directly from the glass or cup (though I prefer my little shot glass), Nanay thinks it’s so much better to bring my water in a feeding bottle to avoid getting myself wet. I don’t like the sippy cup at all.
  7. Comb. For my hair, which is always messy.
  8. Tissue. Again for cleaning me up. Harhar!
  9. Headband/hairclip. Again for my hair. So I could look presentable and not the tangled mess.
  10. Extra clothes. For when I need to change.
  11. Bibs and burp cloths. We usually carry a lot of these. I realized that I am such a messy kid. My Nanay has to bring every wiping tool for me. Nyahahaha!
  12. Small backpack.
Sometimes, I also carry a pack of biscuit and my cold balm and my Mini Mouse. I am still breastfed so I don’t need to bring too many stuff.

How about you? What do you have on your baby bags?

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