Happiness and Sunshine

Our family had our first ever summer escapade last weekend and we had a blast! Tiring, yes.But definitely fun.

Though I end up nursing my dysmenorrhea and extreme body pains last Sunday, hence the overstaying in bed and lack of blog posts, but heck! Just thinking about my daughter’s happy face while swimming is more than enough for me. I am so excited to blog about it. I really hope it won’t be piled up on my To Blog list. I am planning to bump it all up.

Anyway, I still have back pains and cramps as I’m typing this. Crazy crazy menstrual cramps. Ever since I had my period back after giving birth, the cramps has been bugging me like hell. I dunno why. I just hope it’ll all go away in a couple of months.

I’ll keep this post short as I am only here to give you guys a holler. And let you know that I’m still breathing. Mothering a toddler is proving to be so much more difficult. They kept on telling me that things will be easier once she’s a bit older but I think the issues are just changing, but it’s still super crazy. I told you. Motherhood is never boring.

This is another summer look from the #FabSkye. This yellow romper is too cute. Just too cute on her. And those little flowers just screams summer. Super adorable! And yep, I’m showcasing in this post the different faces of the #FabSkye. Look at those facial expressions!!! Too cute for words.

Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (1)
Romper: Mothercare | Doll Shoes: Suki Kids | Hair Clip: Gingersnaps
Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (9)Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (8)Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (4)Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (7)Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (2)Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (6)Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (5)Mothercare-Romper-Baby-Fashion (3)

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” - Winnie the Pooh

When: 15 March 2015
Where: Malling with Tatay and Nanay 
What: Romper: Mothercare | Doll Shoes: Suki Kids | Hair Clip: Gingersnaps

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