#SummerOnTheGo with CoCo!

It’s soooo hot!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but this scorching heat is really crazy. The #FabSkye is having a hard time too. She’ll get rashes if she’s exposed to heat and sweat too much. And if there’s really one thing I’ve learned and is doing religiously, that is to keep myself hydrated. Not only during summer, but all-year round. Well, I live in a tropical country, so I really should.

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Last week, CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice introduces Summer On-The-Go for the Filipino-On-The-Go and their brand ambassadors. Together, they share how they enjoy the summer goodness despite their busy schedule. Actually, CoCo Fresh Tea is their choice of drink this summer.

coco-fresh-tea-summer-on-the-go (9)(L-R) Event Host, Jeron Teng, Gretchen Ho, Larry Evans Tan, Laureen Uy and LA Aguinaldo

Athletes Jeron Teng and Gretchen Ho loves Lemon Dunk and Lemon Calamansi with Aloe, respectively.  Both drinks are refreshing and gave them that extra kick to fuel their very active lifestyle. I was able to try Lemon Calamansi with Aloe and I immediately understand why Gretchen loves it. I love tangy drinks and this drink gave me that refreshing citrus delight. My Papa also loved it.

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While fashion blogger Laureen Uy prefers Passion Fruit Tea Burst as her day-ender drink. I totally understand why. This drink has a refreshing taste of passion fruit and jasmine tea with pearl and coconut jelly to munch on. This drink definitely felt like a reward of some sorts after having a jam-packed day. This too has a tangy and sweet taste because of the passion fruit and I love it’s lightness.

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LA Aguinaldo, a host and a model, prefers 3 Buddies Milk Tea. It’s a black tea based milk tea topped with pudding, pearl and grass jelly. YUM!! My little family actually went back last weekend and I tried this drink. Grabe! Super yummy. Their black pearls are chewy and a little sweet. Just the way I like it. This is now my new favorite milk tea. Promise. And coming from a big milk tea drinker, I could really say that this is the best tasting milk tea in the Philippine market today.

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So glad I was invited to this event coz I discovered CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. Plus my little family also had blast. They enjoyed the little program. The #FabSkye had fun rubbing elbows with the brand ambassadors. And I was in heaven coz I was able to try loads of their refreshing tea and juices. So much fun!

coco-fresh-tea-summer-on-the-go (6)coco-fresh-tea-summer-on-the-go (3)

And oh! The #FabSkye, I think, had the time of her life. I think she fell in love with LA Aguinaldo! Look at their adorable pictures!!

coco-fresh-tea-summer-on-the-go (11)coco-fresh-tea-summer-on-the-go (8)

Ansaveh ng Laida Magtalas-Miggy Montenegro love team?!! Look at my daughter’s face. Grabe ang pagkatulaley sa mamang gwapo. Nyahahahaha!

coco-fresh-tea-summer-on-the-go (2)[On the #FabSkye] Yellow Romper: Mothercare | Hairclip: Gingersnaps | Sandals: Enfant
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Our friends from CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice also gave us this little box of yummy treats. Promise 4 talaga yan. Kaso, when family saw it, kumuha na at ininom. Hahaha! And they loved it! Nakipag unahan ako sa Passion Fruit Burst. Hahaha!

And as I’ve said earlier, my little family went back last weekend to try their service and the other drinks they offer that we weren’t able to try on the event. In fairness, the taste of the drinks are consistent. Very delicious. The staff are very accommodating and friendly. The interiors are well-designed and well-lit. The seats are comfy and homey. This is definitely my new favorite Tea House. Go drop by! They have branches at Eastwood Techno Plaza, SM City Fairview, SM City Manila,SM Center Angono and Fisher Mall. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram or go visit their main site at www.coco-tea.com. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is an international brand that has stores all across Asia.

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