Hey, its summer!

Hello everybody!!! *wave*wave*flying kiss*

How are you? It’s too hot already. I would usually stay all day inside my room and had the AC on semi-full blast. If not, I’d be swimming in sweat. Especially my head. Come to think of it, why is that so? I really sweat A LOT on my head. So I always look like I just took a bath and then my hair would turn into this damp lump. Ew!

Anyway, since its summer, I know that a lot of you are heading to the beach or a staycation or summer get away. And definitely, you parents out there are sooooo excited shopping for swimsuits for your little ones. I know right?! My Nanay and Tatay are like that. They would search the entire mall looking for swuimsuits, hats, sunnies. The works!

But if you are a bit caught off hand because of the wide array of choices of baby swimsuits, let me help you mum! :)

Yeps! Tips from a baby. Why not?! We wear them. At least you’ll have an idea of what we actually like.

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (5)

  • Choose a much more confortable design. I know that you’ve been dreaming on wearing that string bikini, but mum. Those are not for me. :( Imagine how uncomfortable they are. With all the strings and the laces. I might even get hurt because of those. Please go for swimsuits that we could easily slip on to. Those that won’t bother us while swimming.

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (1)

  • Choose a cool color. It’s possible that you find that neon swimsuit sexy and gorgeous but imagine how ouchy it will be for us once that neon swimsuit got hit by the rays of the sun. Wawa our eyes. Go for the colors that are cool to the eyes. Plus, we’re a baby!

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (8)

  • A little frill is not bad. Yep! Not bad at all. Look at the cute frills on my swimsuit here. Cutie right?!

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (2)

  • Go for those with much coverage. Remember that our skin are young too. Please protect us from the harmful rays of the sun by getting us swimsuits with much more coverage. We don’t want to be tan. Come on!

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (9)

  • Don’t forget our nappy diapers! Especially if we are swimming on the pool. You know. I can’t really tell if it’s time for me to go or not. You don’t want to see poops swimming with us.

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (7)

So are you ready for your summer adventure?! Yay! I’m so excited coz we are heading to the beach this weekend. My first beach trip. Our family’s first beach trip is happening this weekend. Follow my Nanay on IG (@reigningstill) to get updated on my first ever summer escapade.

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (3)

By the way, this pictures are taken the day after my birthday at the poolside of the hotel where we stayed. Nanay and I will be sharing the details of my birthday soon. :) It was the best birthday ever. I can’t wait to show you the pictures.

Target-Baby-Swimsuit-Girls (4)Baby Swimsuit: Target (hand-me-down)

Ba-ba! *wave*wave* (Skye’s version of bye! bye!)






When: 22 February 2015
Where: Best Western Plus Antel Hotel Pool Area, post birthday swim
What: Baby Swimsuit: Target (hand-me-down from Tita Issa)

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