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Well, hello there everyone! How are you guys doing? I miss blogging. My pending posts are getting longer and longer. Ugh! But on a much lighter note, I am happy to let you all know that the baby’s sleeping early now. I used to really crack my head up on trying to find ways to make the baby sleep early. She’d usually sleep at around 12MN-1AM! Que horror!! And I’d usually end up with too little sleep in the morning. So I’m always late at work (hello, Boss! This is for you. Hahaha!).

I mentioned this to her pedia and we we’re advised to give her something to make her sleep. And it works!!! It works!!! We were advised to give it to her for 5-7 days to establish a routine but I only gave it to her thrice and she’s now sleeping early. Yehey! But that also means, I got to sleep early too. If you’re a mother you’d understand why. And so my blog posts and pending write ups all lay forgotten on my draft. Efficient blogger!!!

Anyways, this is just another quick post because the baby’s already on dreamland as I type and the bed is calling me too. I just want to say hello and leave you with this baby style post.

Here’s the #FabSkye’s casual Sunday look. She wore it to the church last month. I got the polo on sale and found it perfect for birthday motif – pink and yellow. But the Ninangs opted for the pink dress instead so we changed. The pink leggings is from a friend. She gave to her way way back. (Thanks Tita Cath for this! I will wear the top soon.)

Overall look screams casual and laid-back. I just can’t believe how big she looked in these pictures. Where’s my baby?!! Waaaahhh!!! Please don’t grow up so fast my darling. Nanay can’t keep up. One moment you are so tiny you look dwarfish on your oversized onesies. And now, you’re in polo and leggings and doll shoes. Gosh!

Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (3)
Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (1)
Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (2)

When: 29 March 2015
Where: Church with Nanay and Tatay 
What: Yellow and pink polo shirt: Osh Kosh B’gosh | Pink leggings: Baby Gap (Thanks Tita Cath!) | Doll Shoes: Suki Kids | Hair Clip: Random from Paco

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