Let's swim coz it's summer!

I know you miss the #FabSkye’s cutie pictures on this blog, so I’m giving in to all your requests and showing you guys her bikini body. Nyahaha!

These set of pics was taken last January. Her Tita Tet and Tita Mau gave her a small inflatable pool last Christmas and we decided to give it a road test. But as you can see, may butas yung top layer ng pool hence the kulubot look. Nyahahaha! But regardless, the baby sure had loads of fun!

I know I mentioned about her pedia’s advise to not allow my child to swim in public swimming pools until she’s 1 so this little inflatable pool is a perfect substitute. Although she has always been very happy swimming in her batya ever since the world began, but having her swim on this colorful pool gave her extra dose of happiness. And a practice for when she could finally swim in a bigger pool. I didn’t allow her to swim on the hotel’s pool nung birthday nya coz the water was freezing! No way I would let my child be traumatized by that freezing pool. So I had her swim on the bath tub instead. Which she equally enjoyed. More of that later.

I just realized that it has been a month since her 1st birthday and until now I haven’t blogged about it yet. Kalokang tunay. Ang dami dami naman kasing backlogs. I could hardly keep up. Plus there’s posts like these that I just want to singit because, well because I want to chicka. Anyway, the main purpose of this blog is for me to have a chika outlet. So yeah! You just have to live with the craziness that is also known as this blog.

Grabe nga. I’ve read somewhere the it is important to keep a blogging calendar. For years, I have been trying to make some sort of a “planned posts” on this blog pero di ko keri. Sometimes I know I have to stick to the scheduled post of the day but I just can’t. There are days when I’d see pictures and would want it published pronto. All plans forgotten. Kaloka lang. Ako lang ba yun?

Like these set of pictures. When I saw it on my hard drive I just can’t help but post it right away. Too cute. Too cute indeed.

Oh sya! Enjoy your Holy Week. I know some of you are already enjoying your vacays. While some are still working. But whatever it is that you are planning on the Holy Week, just don’t forget to pray. Regardless of you religion, just pray to your God. Or if you don’t have a religion or don’t believe in it, well just meditate I guess and think of ways to become a better man.

So yeah! This is just a quick chicka session. Nyaharhar!

Baby-Fashion-Swimsuit (3) Baby-Fashion-Swimsuit (2) Baby-Fashion-Swimsuit (1)

When: 25 January 2015
Where: Home
What: Baby Swimsuit from Sandbox

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