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Our baby’s skin is soooo important. Well, actually, every little detail about them must be looked into. We must always make sure that we give them the best. Ako, I am really very particular with the products I use to my baby.

Some would say, “pwede na yan” but not me. I would read labels, read reviews. Ask around. I don’t care if they are expensive as long as they are perfect for my child.

When Skye was born, I use this uber-mild baby wash for her. It was expensive, yes. But it was trusted and is really known for being gentle. But then I noticed that Skye’s head was a bit maasim. So I decided to try this all-natural, organic, and well, equally expensive imported baby wash. I would still use the other brand but only on her body every now and then.

But I realized that both products are really expensive. Parang hindi naman makatarungan masyado. But still, I can’t make the baby use other cheaper products coz Skye’s skin is a bit sensitive. She’s easily get rashes. 6hrs lang maiwan ang diaper at hindi mapalitan agad, rashes na yun.

Thank heavens I found Human Heart Nature. I know Human Heart Nature of course and is actually using it for quite some now (blogged about it here). I love how gentle they are and their sunflower oil is my bestfriend during and post-pregnancy.

When I went to Beauty Bar and saw that they have a baby wash too, I decided to give it a try. Anyway, it’s all-natural. Definitely very mild. And it’s a Filipino brand too. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin.

And my verdict? I. LOVE. IT.

Here’s why:
  1. Its all natural. Definitely gentle and safe for the baby. No chemicals to worry about.
  2. The #FabSkye’s hair is not smelly. Remember that my main issue with that other brand is that maasim ang ulo ni Skye when we use that. With Human Heart Nature Baby Wash, wala. As in. Her hair is always mabango.
  3. Makes the baby’s skin soft. Actually, since Skye is breastfed, I am pretty sure na yun ang dahilan kung bakit super soft ng skin nya but still, this product didn’t affect the softness of my baby’s skin at all. Actually, feeling ko nakatulong pa sya.
  4. It’s cheap. 500ML bottle only costs Php 299. Super gaan sa bulsa. Sayang ang pera dun sa mga expensive ones. Kaloka!
  5. It has mild scent. I told you that I am very particular with scents. I don't want it too strong to avoid allergic rhinitis. I love that this product’s smell is not too strong pero hindi din negligible. Mabango sya but amoy baby padin.
Sa sobrang love ko sya, I applied to be a dealer and spread the good news sa mga relatives ko. Now, this is the best selling product on the #FabSkye Ukay store. My cousins with kids (around 7yrs old and up) still buys this product. Kasi daw naalis ang bungang araw ng mga anak nila. My neighbors with newborns love it also. Coz it’s gentle nga and very mabango. Plus mura pa.
Human Heart Nature products are also available on your local supermarkets. Or if you want, you can order from me!

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