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Hello everyone!!!! Yep! Still alive and kicking. I know I’ve been MIA these past weeks, I’ve been busy living life. Enjoying every little minute with my adorable daughter. I have a toddler already. With so many tricks and antics. My evenings would be filled with funny #FabSkye stories. Everybody in this household (and the neighbors too!) just can’t get enough of her. Crazy.

I have a ton of pending blog posts. I don’t know how I’d keep up. With a full-time work and a tot, good luck!

So yeah! More kwento some other time. For now, let’s all enjoy the baby’s #OOTB.

Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (5)

This is another old dress. An old gift from her Ninang Joie. This dress fits 0-3month old babies too, but still looked good on her. A little snug but still cute. This is her pambahay look. I told you, Mila loves dressing her up everyday. It’s one the upside of having an exclusively breastfed (now extended breastfed) baby. She’s lean and strong. And her old dress still fits her. Yay! Waaaaayy too short of course and a little snug but still it fits. And the baby still looked pretty.

Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (4)

When: 20 February 2015
Baby’s Age: 11months (almost 12!)
Where: Home

Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (6)Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (3)Huge Flower Headband: Gift from Ninang Erlie | Pink Dress: St. Patrick’s (gift from Ninang Joie) | Cloth Diaper: Baby Wizard

Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (2)

My favorite nephew Allen went with us during the photo shoot. So I decided to snap a couple of pictures of them together. Skye loves Allen so much. He’s one of her favorite person in the world. I love the fact that my baby is growing up with her cousins. She has a protector, playmates and maybe a bestfriend in the future.

I also got her colorful balls to play with and some puzzle toys. She loves it! Those toys are cheap too. Just Php50.00! Score!

Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (13)Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (12)Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (11)Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (9)

And this is my fave shot. This deserves to be included on the #WackyStill gallery. Hahahaha!

Baby-Fashion-Pink-Dress (8)

I hope I could go back to regular programming soon. I have loads of reviews and kwentos and some other parenting tips on my draft. Watch out for that okay?

Have a great week ahead.

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