My Short Stint as a Work At Home Mum

I am lucky to work at a company that allow us some flexibility. So when I had conjunctivitis November last year, I was allowed to do work from home. I love it because at least I was able to save my precious leave incentives plus I could take care of my baby. I always wanted to be a work at home mum ever since I had Skye. Coz I want to be with her all the time. I hate leaving her in the morning for work. But my short stint as a work at home mum made me realize a bunch of things.

  1. I love the fact that I don’t have to brave the crazy Manila traffic everyday. My usual travel time is 1hour from Manila to Makati, that’s if I’m commuting via jeepney. If my Papa’s here, and I have a driver, it would only take us 15-30 minutes depending on traffic. Imagine the amount of time wasted everyday? And if I go home commuting and the traffic is crazy bad? 1-2hrs of travel time awaits me! Grabe talaga. Sayang ang oras. Precious hours I could’ve spent with my baby.
  2. I love that I don’t have to dress up everyday. I could wake up, get coffee and power up the laptop in my jammies. I don’t need to take a bath, look for office appropriate clothes, put on a little make up (if I have extra time, which seldom happens now). Ang saya!IMG_1699
  3. I love that I don’t have to hurry up with my tasks. Because I could play it easy since I don’t have a curfew to beat. Hindi nagmamadaling matapos dahil kailangan pang umuwi.
  4. But I hate that I have this tendency to overwork. As in. Since I’m all free to work all day and all night, madalas, in my lame attempt to clear up my plate, I’d spend hours and hours working.
  5. I hate that I get distracted by the baby. I’m in IT. Kailangan ng madaming concentration at sandamakmak na utak. And if you have a baby who always wants to latch on you, you’d really get distracted. Sometimes, super focused na ako sa isang task then the baby would cry and would want to cuddle and latch. Ayun! Sira na. I have to feed the baby of course and prioritize her so pagbalik ko sa laptop, wala na ang thoughts. And it’s so difficult to find my groove back.IMG_1697
  6. I hate that I end up not having a proper sleep. As in the entire 1 week, wala akong tulog. Coz usually, I won’t be able to finish my task in the morning because of the baby. I could only do some minor stuff if she’s asleep. So at night, when she’s already tucked up in bed, that’s when I’d start really working. But still I would get disrupted coz she’d want to latch from time to time.

All in all it was fun. But I realized that I still need to work in the office. Minsan, office na lang ang pahinga ko. Coz mas nakakapagpahinga ako sa office unlike here at home that I’m always on my feet attending to the little one. But I miss her. Everyday. I miss her. I guess you really can’t have the best of both worlds. OA na pag super perfect ng buhay mo. hahahaha! Kaya soooobrang idol ko na mga WAHMs from now on. Ibang level ng superpowers ang kailangan for this.

So how’s the week so far? I miss the long weekends. Kelan ba next na holiday?!

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