Happy 11th!

Hello Philippines and hello world. :) How are you guys? I was on VL today because it’s the baby’s last monthsary birthdays. Next month, she’ll be one year old. No more monthly celebrations. We’ll have yearly birthday celebrations na. I still can’t believe how fast time flies. We’ve been celebrating her birthdays for 11months already. 11 months since I gave birth to that adorable little girl who changed my life. It’s been 11months. That teeny tiny baby is now an active curious baby. She wants to crawl on to everything. Wants to touch/hold every item in the house. Wants to eat everything her tiny hands could hold. And she’s such a chatty baby. Have I told you that at 9.5 months she could already say phrases. At night pag naalimpungatan sya and wants to dede, she’ll say “Nini baby dede”. Diba? And she loves calling herself baby. Hahahaha! Basta sya si baby. Gusto nya sya si baby. Which is crazy adorable. She has a lot of crazy and funny antics na din. Our house is usually filled with laughter because of her. Ibang saya talaga ang dala ng bata sa bahay. And next month, promoted na ang baby ko to toddler. OMG!

My heart is just filled with happiness right now. Ibang level of happiness talaga because of her. And I hope I’d do a great job in raising her. Sana talaga. I am praying for it everyday. Coz motherhood is crazy. I need all the guidance I could get.

Happy 11th month baby!! We super love you.

Skye 11th month bday




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