My 2015 Blog Resolution

Last week, I was tagged by fellow mummy blogger – Paulline of Mila Stole My Heart to do a Blogging Resolution. I have none actually, until she tagged me and forced me to do a list. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I’m so glad she did tagged me. Now I have a reason to reassess my blogging life and really think of ways to improve this blog more. Last year has been amazing. I got blog opportunities and those made me realize how much I’m making an impact by simply writing my thoughts and publishing it online. Blogging is fun. Been doing it for years. But now that blogging is starting to become mainstream, I really should improve. Para naman hindi nakakahiya sa madlang people and madlang readers ko. I have always been proud of this blog, you know.

So yeah! Here’s my list.

2015 blog resolution

  1. Post regularly. Post more. Share more. Do scheduled posts so I could space out the write ups. Hindi yung one time big time ako lagi.
  2. Share blog posts on social media. I am so tamad in sharing my posts on social media. Anak ng tokwa. Sariling posts ko hindi nashe-share. Hahaha! So I really should be more masipag in sharing. IG, twitter, FB – lahat! I am thinking of setting a specific time everyday to share posts, new or old.
  3. Improve blog photos. I’ve started last year when I attended the Basic Photography workshop by BNP. My pictures did improve though. Or atleast for me. Not super photographer levels, but I’m getting there. Nyahaha!
  4. Improve blog post qualities. I have this tendency to blab on this blog. Hihihi! Sorry. So I think I should improve on that. Okay. I won’t stop blabbing coz that’ll be close to impossible but atleast I’ll try to blab more sensible thoughts.
  5. Read other blogs and comment. Okay. I do read a lot of blogs but I am not really the commenter kind of girl. Which I think should change. I get so giddy when I receive comments from you guys and I really wish you’d share your thoughts with me. But I am not that kind of reader also. I read, I liked it, I keep it to myself. Poor blogger. Now I really should leave comments, even if to just let the blogger know I liked her/his post. Anyway, ayoko naman ng know it all the commenter so I’d be very careful not be that kind of reader.


That’s it pancit! My 2015 blog resolution. Now I have to tag 5 blogs I want to read more and 5 blogger to do the same resolution. But I can’t think of a top 5. I have waaaaayy too many blogs I want to read more and I am shy to tag blogger friends. Well, maybe my bestfriend Jerellt would love to try this. So I’m tagging ALL of blogger readers. Hahahaha! Here’s the rule: (1) list atleast 5 blog resolutions (2) list 5 blogs you want to read more and (3) tag 5 blogger friends.

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