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Hello everybody!! *wave*wave*

How are you doing? I’m loving all this long weekends. I was able to unli-dede on Nanay. Yum! But now that everything’s back to normal, I’ll miss spending more time with her. But it’s okay. I know my Nanay’s working really for me and my future. I love working mums. It’s difficult to leave the house everyday and leave your baby. I should know. Because I would always see how my Nanay’s heart would break every morning when she has to leave for for work and I was left crying my eyes out. But I love stay-at-home mums too. Because my Cupcake is a stay-at-home mum and I could see how difficult it is to be left at home making sure the entire household is squeaky clean, that every butt’s washed, every little tummy’s full, everyone’s safe and happy. Yes, we have a househelp but between me and my Toto Boi, Cupcake’s plate is already overflowing. Gosh! I love mummies. They are the best. Agree?

So here’s another #OOTB for all of you guys. Nanay’s cleaning out her hard drive so expect some more #OOTBs. Even old ones. Here’s what I wore one weekend last December when we went to the mall to buy Christmas gifts. My dress here is my Ninang Rook’s christmas gift to me. Which my Nanay opened immediately. hahahah! Low EQ much.

I super love my dress. It’s cute and most of all, it’s comfy. I have the best Ninangs in the world. All of my past posts are all gifts from my Ninangs. See? All of them are fashionable. And they know that a baby must be comfy at all times. My Nanay is very lucky for having them.

Nanay paired my dress with this navy blue doll shoes from Enfant and socks from Darlington Baby. I look like a school girl! :) And so my Nanay finished my outfit off with a cute headband from H&M. Hihihihi.. Love my look.

Skye-OOTB-Blue-Dress (1)Skye-OOTB-Blue-Dress (4) Skye-OOTB-Blue-Dress (3) Skye-OOTB-Blue-Dress (2) Dress: gift from Ninang Rooks | Doll Shoes: Enfant | White Socks: Darlington Baby | Headband: H&M


What do you think about my look? Let me know!




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