NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had!


Have I told you that I’m a coffee addict?! Well, I am! Before the pregnancy, I can’t function properly without at least 4 cups of coffee a day. And if you’re in the I.T. industry like me, you’d probably understand why.

So when I got pregnant, my main issue is my coffee intake. Thank heavens I was allowed 2 cups of coffee per day by my OB-gyn. Hallelujah!

Actually, coffee is good to our body according to her. With all the anti-oxidants that coffee has. It’s just that, like everything else, too much of a good thing is bad. Pero naman kasi. ang hirap to not over-indulge in coffee diba?

Now that I’m breastfeeding, I still keep my coffee intake to a max of 2 cups a day. The baby’s not sensitive with coffee at all but I’d like to be more watchful of everything I take now. But I just can’t stop drinking coffee at all! Hindi keri ng katawang lupa ko. Kelangan ko ng kapeeee!!

I can take all kinds of coffee – instant, black, with cream, over priced. Lahat yun okay lang sa akin. But in all honesty, I really love and prefer a decent coffee. Brewed to perfection and creamy and foamy and those that looked perfect. Kaso most of the time, those come with a hefty price tag. So thank heavens I met Nescafe Cappuccino.

nescafe-cappucino** Image from Google Images.

Creamy. Foamy. Premium coffee. Pero abot-kaya. :) Perfect! I am one happy mummy!!!

When I first tried it, I was in awe on how foamy it is. And that choco sprinkles made it more sa-shal and extra yummy. I feel like drinking an expensive cup of coffee at home. Soooobrang saya.

Now that I don’t buy too much expensive coffee anymore, because I’m a mother now and every peso counts, literally – Nescafe Cappuccino is my perfect indulgence. Hindi sumasakit ang puso ko sa presyo and hindi din sumasakit ang ulo ko sa lasa. I don’t miss my expensive coffee too much anymore. At hindi na din tumataas ang kilay ng ReigningTatay tuwing humihigop ako ng foamy coffee kasi sure na syang hindi ako gumastos ng malaki for that.

And the ReigningTatay also loves Nescafe Cappuccino. We’ll usually have our coffee fix together in the morning while playing with the #FabSkye. :) Perfect family bonding!

Anyway, Nuffnang and Nescafe teamed up for this contest. So if you’re a Nuffnanger, like me, come and join too!


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