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Hello! Hello! I miss telling you guys about my life and everything in between. Although if you are following me on IG or Twitter or if you liked my FB page, you’re probably aware of my latest adventures. See? Nakapag-promote pa ko ng mga social media churva ko. If you didn’t get the hint, please paki-follow ako!! Now na! :)

Anyway, I’m starting to have a very busy 4th quarter. Actually, my October was equally hectic. Events here and there. From trick or treats to blog events to family events. They seem endless! And my November looks busier. Hindi ko na alam pano pa ang December! So yeah! But I’m loving all this crazy. I love attending blogger events with the #FabSkye and the rest of the family. Some of those I’ve shared already while some are still on the draft posts. I love bringing the baby to events because she’s able to interact with people early. I don’t want a shy kid. Obviously kasi hindi naman ako shy type. So baka maloka lahat ng nakakakilala sa akin pag naging shy type ang anak ko. Pagkamalan pang ampon si Skye, hindi ko pa naman kamukha.

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But I’m very proud that she’s really like me. Very friendly. Such a happy baby. I could bring her to events without worry. One of the main reason why, I guess, is because she is exclusively breastfed. Ang daling patahanin. Dede lang ang katapat. :) Plus she’s really a happy baby. She ould smile at everybody. Mas ma-PR pa sa akin ang anak ko. She’s very generous in giving out toothless smile.
I just can’t believe how fast time flies. Dalaga na baby ko. Look at her…

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What an adorable little girl. Yes! She doesn’t look like a baby here. More like dalagita. Waaaaahh!

And her antics are very toddler-ish. She would laugh out loud. She would talk, more babble, non stop. She would do acrobatic moves while breastfeeding – akala ata goma dede ko. We recently watched a theater show and she was reacting like the toddlers there, totally enjoying the show. And she also watched the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sound show last Thrusday which she totally enjoyed. Amazed na amazed ang bagets. Super nakakatuwa. Next year, she’d be running around like the other tots. Hay nakupo!

Ganito pala. Ganito pala maging ina. Masaya pero nakakaloka. :)

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