Insane Christmas Rush

I’ve been busy and swamped up with a lot of things – motherhood, work, events, sponsored posts and advertorials plus my wish of starting up a little online store. Then there’s Christmas. I did a little shopping here and there but I am far from finishing my xmas list. So today I got myself this.

I deserve this.

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I know I deserve it. A nice cup of cold and yummy Frappuccino for this mummy. I still have a lot of things to share with you but I can’t seem to catch up on my to blog list. Then just today, my father told me that we need to go to Bulacan this weekend to visit my Lola. I miss Lola of course but that’ll mean another weekend delay of my xmas shopping schedule. Oh well! May masteral na naman ata ako sa cramming at last minute shopping eh. Keribels na yun. :)

Nakakaloka. My life in general is nakakaloka. :)

So yeah, this is one of those random posts I do to keep my sanity. Itutulog ko nalang to. Tomorrow is another day!




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