Denim Dress and Black Stockings

Hello ReigningReaders! Another #OOTB, or Outfit Of The Bebe, for you guys.

This is what I wore on the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party last October. Late post, I know. Sorry. I got sick just last week. It. Was. Awful. I have cough and colds. But I’m still very playful and malikot, I just find the clogged nose extremely irritating. Ugh! Though I’m all a-okay now. My pedia is really magaling. Me and Nanay love her. Btw, thank you to those who send their regards. I read all your comments, mummies. Thank you!

Anyway, let me show you what I wore now shall we?

Gingersnaps-Denim-Dress-04 Gingersnaps-Denim-Dress Gingersnaps-Denim-Dress-01 Gingersnaps-Denim-Dress-03 Gingersnaps-Denim-Dress-05

It was actually Tatay who got me that dress. :) It’s soft denim and very much comfortable. We saw it while window shopping one time as we wait for Nanay’s therapy to finish. We returned with this beautiful dress to Nanay’s disbelief.

I am sooo lucky for having parents with a good sense of style. :) At least I always look fashyown.

How do you find my look?

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