On House Arrest

I was asked by our company physician to go home this morning…

Can you guess why I was sent home by the company physician? :) #manicmondays

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So there can you guess why?! Hihihihih!

Confirmed! I have conjunctivitis. Or Sore eyes for you non-med people. Oh crap!!

It started last night when I felt pain on my right eye. I rubbed it and it got worst. Then my eye got swollen. I washed my face with warm water and hoped that it’ll all go away the next day. But this morning, it got worst. But I still went to work wishing it’s just some eye irritation. But the moment our company doctor saw me, I was shooed away. Hihihi!


So now I’m on house arrest. Will be working from home for the whole week. Yey! :) But I can’t kiss the baby. Nay! :( And my eyes are kinda hurting me. So double nay!

I was supposed to post how my weekend went by last night but because of the eye irritation, I wasn’t able to. Probably would finish the draft later. :) For now, let me work and earn some moolah! Ciao!

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