Victoria Court’s Flashback the 90’s Party


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Victoria Court will be having a costume party this coming October 25 at the Malate branch. The event is entitled Flashback The 90's.  Join us as we get to re-live the hottest decade ever.

Joining the event are some of the top 90's DJ's -Joey Santos and David Ardiente, our celebrity ambassadors & other surprise celebrity guests.

There will be overflowing booze and tons of games & surprises for everyone. We will also be opening some of our party rooms so you can check them out.

​To join this exciting​ event, all you have to do is follow the mechanics below: 

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Are you excited? For sure you guys all want to get an exclusive invite! So to help you out further more, I’m showing you my entry:


The first ever movie I watched at the cinema! It was 1994! 20yrs ago!! :) and still a personal favorite. I remember being awed at the beautiful animation. Parang totoo! Eh ikaw? Anong part ng 90's ang pang #tbt mo? Post now and head over to the blog to know why you have to. #VPartySeriesGoes90s @victoriacourtvc Blog link on my profile.

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Oh diba?! Ang wholesome ng entry ko. Kasi baby pa ko nung 90’s eh. *ehem*ehem*

Go ahead. This is one helluva fun! Join now. :)

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  1. hahaha natawa talaga ko dun sa wholesome gurl :D


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