ReigningStill’s New and Official Logo

Finally, finally! We now have our very own logo! Custom made for ReigningStill. *tumbling*

So yeah, let’s all take some time to appreciate our new blog logo or avatar or whatever you wanna call it (hihihihi)…

ReigningStill logo in PNG interlacedLoving it so far? :) I know right?! It’s just so so cute! Very me. Very mummy. Very maarte. I love it!

This was made by my friend, Nikki. Check out her deviant account here! And see her works. Such a talented young lady. If you are also interested in customizing your own logo, go ahead and give her a holler! Or ping me! :)

Now I don’t have to worry. Because that old one I used was from a website which I found thru google images. Although I made sure that I tag her site when I used it, hindi pa din ako mapalagay! I know I need something that’s mine. As in mine only. Something that would represent me and this blog and my life now. So I am so happy when finally, I got one! Ang saya lang!

I have loads of kwento for you guys. I have a very busy week. But for now, I need to keep this post short because I need to give my wrist some R&R. Promise! Next posts would be sensible na!


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