ReigningStill’s New and Official Logo

Finally, finally! We now have our very own logo! Custom made for ReigningStill. *tumbling*

So yeah, let’s all take some time to appreciate our new blog logo or avatar or whatever you wanna call it (hihihihi)…

ReigningStill logo in PNG interlacedLoving it so far? :) I know right?! It’s just so so cute! Very me. Very mummy. Very maarte. I love it!

This was made by my friend, Nikki. Check out her deviant account here! And see her works. Such a talented young lady. If you are also interested in customizing your own logo, go ahead and give her a holler! Or ping me! :)

Now I don’t have to worry. Because that old one I used was from a website which I found thru google images. Although I made sure that I tag her site when I used it, hindi pa din ako mapalagay! I know I need something that’s mine. As in mine only. Something that would represent me and this blog and my life now. So I am so happy when finally, I got one! Ang saya lang!

I have loads of kwento for you guys. I have a very busy week. But for now, I need to keep this post short because I need to give my wrist some R&R. Promise! Next posts would be sensible na!


  1. Yay! I'll blog mine too. Inantay lang kita. Hehe. Kapag nagka baby boy ka, paano na?! :p

  2. Ang kikay ni mommy and baby sa logo! :) congrats on your new and owned look :)

  3. Nice logo. I'm planning to have make-over din. :)

  4. Very nice logo/avatar! (dunnow what it's called either, hehe) I wonder if I should have one for myself...I see a lot of the mommy bloggers do it, my hubby wanted to make me one but I got comfy with the pic of me and one of my kids...will seriously consider it. Congratulations, btw, and yes, it's good you got your own.

  5. cute logo! id like to have mine customized too! :-)


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