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Health is wealth. I am a firm believer of that. If you are an avid reader (naks uma-avid) of this blog, you’re probably aware that I have non-existent immune system. As in waley! So fail na ako sa physical health aspect (still trying to improve on this though). But I also believe that health is holistic. One must take care of their mental, emotional, psychological health as much as their physical health. Dun naman ako bumabawi, sa other aspects. And as a new mummy, I do take my family’s holistic health seriously.
So I am very glad when the people from Unilab Foundation invited me and a bunch of other “social media rockstars” (their term, not mine – but I love it so I’m claiming it!) to an intimate dinner for their Digital Media Night.
Unilab Foundation, like me, also believes in holistic health and aims for a #healthierPH. Initially I thought, like most health groups, they’d discuss new vitamins or exercise programs. Probably juicing! But no! Apparently, Unilab Foundation identifies HEALTH GAPS, those aspects of health that is very much important but is usually neglected here in the Philippines. And helps improve and address those health gaps. Their goal is to have 100million healthy Filipinos - #healthierPH.
Their goal seemed too big, too much, too high – almost seemed impossible. But this group also believes in Bayanihan. Oo nga naman. If they do it alone, this goal is probably too ambitious. But if they could tap people to help them out, it’ll be attainable! Hangtalino!
In line with that, they have created a fun way of volunteerism. No money? No time? No energy? No problem! With Unilab’s way of volunteering, you could volunteer using the power that most of us have – the power of social media. Yes friends! Spreading awareness. Tweeting about it. Posting about it on your Facebook wall. Blogging about it (that’s what I’m doing!). All of those can be considered an act of volunteerism. Which is an excellent idea! If you plan to target the aspects of health na laging dine-deadma, the best way to address it is to make sure people remembers them. Make sure that people are aware of their importance.
And to make things easier for us, Unilab Foundation even made volunteering fun by turning it into an online game!
Interested? Visit and create your own VOLUNTAR, a volunteer avatar. You can create your account using your email or using your facebook account. You have loads of volunteering acts/options to choose from. And the more you volunteer, the more you earn points. May levels din. If you are a masipag volunteer, you can be president soon! Cute and fun!
I have a VOLUNTAR as well. And I am enjoying it. Do drop by the Unilab Foundation’s website to know more about them.
The Digital Media Night was held at Sentro 1771 at Capitol Commons. I love the food, in fairness. I must go back. :)
Here are some more photos from the event…
IMG_0960P1060659 One thing I realize that night is ang taba ko! Hahahaha! Ampotek!
P1060662-horzWith travel and lifestyle blogger, Kisty of
IMG_0958 With fellow mummy blogger Cheryl of Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy.
IMG_0955 With Geoff of GeoffReview.
Best thing about attending events like this is the chance to meet fellow bloggers and social media rockstars!
So to Unilab Foundation, thank you for the invite. It was a fun night indeed. :)


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