Happy Monday!

Hello! Hello! Good morning beautiful people. How's your weekend? Bitin? Lagi naman!! Hahahahaha!
Sorry for being MIA this past week. I am just so caught up with everything - my milk supply issue, the baby's teething, my sore nips (again!), my DQT, work and a whole lot more. Although we we're able to enjoy our Saturday, thanks to a blog event we attended as a family. And which I'll be sharing with you once I got my camera back. We left it on the bus after the event, thank heavens our friends from Nuffnang got it! I'm already a bit heart broken while on the cab and realized its missing. The memories are all there! And its my pink camera for crying out loud! Buti nalang talaga they found it. Thanks Monika (if you are ever reading this)!

Anyway, here's a little teaser of our fun getaway...

That's the #FabSkye eating my Ruby Woo. Hahahaha! Pwede ding she's trying to put lipstick on. Such a young fashionista!

Everybody on the event was calling her the "youngest blogger". I am so tempted to put up her own blog site. Whatcha think? Gusto nyo ba ng sariling lifestyle blog ng bagets? Hihihi..

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