Happy 7th #FabSkye!


The #FabSkye turned 7 month old last Sunday. Hooray!!

And as usual we had a mini celebration. We prepared macaroni salad and lumpiang tikoy, oo tikoy talaga! We have 2 tikoys on the fridge. Ginawa naming lumpia yung isa and put some cheese. Sarap! We also had ice cream c/o Mummy Chubby. Sans Rival cake c/o Ninang Joie. And of course, Skye’s monthly themed cake c/o My Sweets Haven! Yep! that’s the one on the picture above. #FabSkye

And this month, we tried something I’ve been wanting to try since the baby started with solids…


Yep! Baby Led Weaning!!

I think the baby’s a natural. Actually, I’ve been noticing that the baby has been refusing her food I so lovingly prepared for a week now. She’s been biting my nipples like crazy, I have blisters as proof already. And she’s been tugging at her ears and drooling. Yup! All signs of teething! Yaaaaay! Scaaary..

So I tried one of the tricks I got on the Baby Led Weaning group in facebook. And that’s Apple Donut. Just peel the apple and remove the core so it’ll look like a donut. It’s perfect coz the baby would have something to hold on to. And Skye loved it. Probably because the apple is cold. I put it on the fridge before peeling it and offering to her. No choking at all! Saya!


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