#FabSkye now up on Nanay's Blog!

Hello! Hello everyone. :)

It’s me. The #FabSkye writing on Nanay’s blog.

You see, when I went with Nanay on a blog event, everybody was calling me the “youngest blogger ever” and I was like – yeah! Why not?! It’s time to give the baby-hood the voice we all deserve. I will represent all the babies and the tots who’s pictures are all over their mummy’s blog.

You see, it’s totally okay for me if my Nanay wants the whole world to know everything about me – my milestones, my little achievements. That’s cool! But have you seen the #WackyStill series of my Nanay? NOT? Click the link and you be the judge. Crazy! Crazy really. :)

And have you read all of my Nanay’s post about her being the Wais mum? Well, she is. She really is. So that’s why I am sporting my “pambinyag” in this photo.


That’s a Sunday. I wore my “pambinyag” on a Sunday mass. I was really waiting for the priest to come over and pour water on my head again.

Although she tried to make it look different by making me wear a headband. A white headband for crying out loud! “Pambinyag” again.


But no worries! No worries! I am cute. And I was able to pull it off. Everybody still thinks I’m cuteness overload especially Cupcake a.k.a. Mila of the MilaStories.

It’s already late. I really should sleep now. If I can! My gums are killing me I swear! Why do we babies have to deal with teething, me thinks. But well, I guess we really should. Coz I don’t want to end up with just gums. :-D I’ll just bite and gnaw on Nanay’s nips because its soft and I love it. But I don’t think she does. I always see her howling in pain everytime I latch, which is like, weird! Coz come on! I’ve been feeding on her all my life. Those nips should have toughen up by now. Let me try in a while. I’ll pull it and see if its tough indeed.

So, toodaloo!




  1. You're making me miss having a baby!!! :P

  2. cute! very cute! makes me wish I have a daughter! lol!

  3. I want to have a daughter too, ang sarap ayusan at ipagshopping. :)

  4. Ehem.There's a baby blogger in town!


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