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This weekend is a blast! I spent my Saturday and Sunday with the girl best friends. And honestly, I miss it. I miss spending time with friends. The past year has been nothing but me and the baby. I really can’t go out because I need to be home early for the baby. I’ve said no to a lot of gimmiks. Loads of reunions. Of dining out. Of travels.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course I don’t regret choosing my darling Skye over my friends because honestly, I’d rather stay home and cuddle with the baby that stay out late with my friends for a night full laughter, good food, probably some beers or a videoke.

But I miss it. I miss laughing my butt off. I miss eating out with friends. I miss talking to my friends in person. Lagi nalang sa viber or chat eh. I miss making chicka. I miss shopping!

Actually, I got myself a decent eyeliner last Saturday. After months of using the cheap one I got here that smudge like crazy, giving me a black eye by noon. And I am sooooo happy! I am ecstatic!!

Buti nalang my best friends are manangs. Their idea of a fun weekend out is actually a visit to the parlor at 2PM, a little shopping and a dinner which ended by 8PM. And then a Sunday lunch date in a Korean restaurant. On both occasions, I was able to bring the baby. Hitting 2 birds with one stone! *fist pump*

So yeah. Still no night outs for me. No videoke sesh. No movie dates (She’s Dating The Gangster!!!!!). But at least I can still have fun with my girl friends. Over dinner and lunch. Over a make up counter. And while trying to wrestle them with my Red Lipstick!!

Life is fun after all. Actually, it’s way way way better.





  1. Maka-MANANG ka naman! Salamat ha! Excuse me, may eyeliner na kami ni Joie on the day we had our hair colored, so medyo one notch higher na kami from being manangs! :p Pero ang saya ng weekend!!!


  2. reigningstillJuly 22, 2014

    congratulations!! hahahahaha! :)


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