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This weekend is a blast! I spent my Saturday and Sunday with the girl best friends. And honestly, I miss it. I miss spending time with friends. The past year has been nothing but me and the baby. I really can’t go out because I need to be home early for the baby. I’ve said no to a lot of gimmiks. Loads of reunions. Of dining out. Of travels.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course I don’t regret choosing my darling Skye over my friends because honestly, I’d rather stay home and cuddle with the baby that stay out late with my friends for a night full laughter, good food, probably some beers or a videoke.

But I miss it. I miss laughing my butt off. I miss eating out with friends. I miss talking to my friends in person. Lagi nalang sa viber or chat eh. I miss making chicka. I miss shopping!

Actually, I got myself a decent eyeliner last Saturday. After months of using the cheap one I got here that smudge like crazy, giving me a black eye by noon. And I am sooooo happy! I am ecstatic!!

Buti nalang my best friends are manangs. Their idea of a fun weekend out is actually a visit to the parlor at 2PM, a little shopping and a dinner which ended by 8PM. And then a Sunday lunch date in a Korean restaurant. On both occasions, I was able to bring the baby. Hitting 2 birds with one stone! *fist pump*

So yeah. Still no night outs for me. No videoke sesh. No movie dates (She’s Dating The Gangster!!!!!). But at least I can still have fun with my girl friends. Over dinner and lunch. Over a make up counter. And while trying to wrestle them with my Red Lipstick!!

Life is fun after all. Actually, it’s way way way better.




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