5 Months of Happiness


Yep! It’s our monthly thing. :) Can you believe it?! 5 months has actually passed since I gave birth to a cutie baby girl. 5 months already!!! OMG! Every time I’d look at her now, I just can’t believe how fast time flies. She’d doubled her birth weight already. She could now sing! Hence the mic and the musical notes on this month’s birthday cake c/o My Sweets Haven.


Oh diba?! Bongga kung maka-awit! She’s like that especially every nappy change! As in. Such a sight to behold. Ang sarap panoorin especially every time she’d sing with a matching serious expression. Parang nasa The Voice Kids lang. She really loves singing. Sana naman mahal din sya ng pagkanta. Sa akin kasi galit sya eh. Yung kanta, hindi si Skye. Hehehehehe…

One more month and she’ll be ready to start solids. OMG! I can’t wait. And Skye too. She’s been bugging us to feed her already. Would look at the food on the table. Would grab our hands every time we eat. She’s gladly accept the spoon. As in sabik na sabik ng kumain. Poor girl. So now I am looking for good food processors, blenders and juicers so I could prepare her food properly. Of course we can’t feed her cerelac or those infant “instant food” readily available in the market coz it’ll be like feeding her junk food. Sayang naman ang pagpapa-breastfeed ko at pagtanggi sa formula kung “instant food” din pala ang ibibigay ko kay Skye. I want her to eat mashed potatoes, carrots, apples, banana, ampalaya. I want to prepare juices for her. Healthy and natural food. And I hope she won’t be a picky eater.

Oh all these crazy things. I know that one day the little girl would end up eating fries and cheetos like her Mum, but nevertheless, I’d like to feed her the “right” food while I can. And while she won’t throw tantrums.

OMG my Baby Lala! You growing up too fast. Nanay can’t keep up. One day I’m learning all about 4 month growth spurt and the next day we’re already done with that. Now I am researching about Baby Led Weaning and healthy baby foods. I mean, come on!

Regardless, I am just so so so happy right now. Ecstatic actually. That I am blessed with a lovely little baby girl. Who makes everyone swoon. I swear just your smile can melt this Mum’s stoned heart.

I love you from the moon and back. I love you like a love song and more than that.




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