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These past few nights, Skye is having issues sleeping at night. I don't know why. Probably she felt that I'll be back to work soon so she wants to spend as much time with Nanay? Josko!

Usually, after her evening spongebath, we'd just have a short playtime then she'll be off to bed. That's why we do our prayers and storytime after her evening spongebath coz for sure, the next playtime session will be at around 4am. But lately, she'd still sleep after all our evening rituals but she'd wake up at around 11pm. Hindi pa tapos PBB gising na sya. And worst is, she'd cry. Skye was never iyakin. She'd stir, fuss a little, maybe cry a little if she's hungry or if she has dirty nappies. Then okay na. The only time that I can remember where we had difficulty with her sleeping is when we are at the hospital and she's gassy. Pero wala naman syang kabag iyak pa din ng iyak. I swear! Nakakaputi ng buhok.

I am just so thankful that The Companion is such a hands on Tatay...

Usually at night, he'd be the first one to wake up and would try to pacify Skye. Papasa nya lang sa aken pag "na-try na nya lahat" meaning they already danced, sang and played. Nagawa na din nya yung signature hele nya na parang minamaltrato ang bata. Na try na din nya ang hele+pacifier technique. Basically, lahat nga except dede. Hehehehehehe... Ooopppsss! Before you raise your eyebrows and tell us bakit kasi hindi pinadede agad?? Promise! Kakatapos nya palang magdede and nagkakandasuka na sya so we try other means to pacify her. Naaawa na din siguro ang loko sa akin kasi magdamag halos ang dede ni bagets.

I just feel so lucky for having a partner like him. So hands on. So patient. I would always hear stories from fellow moms who's husbands won't even help them with the baby especially at night. Tipong, ang sarap ng tulog ni Tatay tapos si Nanay parang Zombie mode. Kaloka! Me, I have a partner. May ka tag team ako. If she's really fussy, the companion would allow me to sleep as he tends to the baby.

I am one lucky girl, agree?! :)

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