Breastfeeding Journey: Loud & Proud


I am a proud breastfeeding mom. I breastfeed Skye everywhere. As in everywhere. The mall as we shop. The grocery. Restaurants. Church. Car. Cab. Kiddie parties. I was even breastfeeding her at the MYOH event. Ganun kabongga.

Of ourse, most of the time I am discreet. Oh well, I try. I use my good ol' scarf as cover or if I don't have one on hand, I use Skye's burp cloths or lampin to cover the top part of my breast like this...

I haven't experience any discrimination or bad stares from the public yet. Thank heavens. So far, all I got are smiles of appreciation, encouragement and understanding. The sales people at the mall would even give me chair so I can breastfeed comfortably. The people at the church would smile at me as I try to discreetly feed my child. I don't use cover up coz Skye hates it now. Mainit nga naman kasi sa loob so I just cover my boob while the companion would do paypay.

I can consider myself as a breastfeeding advocate because I truly believe in the importance of breastfeeding your child. So as an advocate, I wanna make sure that people around me understands that I am proud of what I'm doing and that I'm loving it.

Honestly, I love the convenience. I love the bond that my baby and I share as we breastfeed. I love that I have the answer to all her little issues and thats my boob. I love that I don't have to worry about spoiled milk, feeding bottles, clean pacifiers, distilled water and milk dispenser. Because my darling Skye only needs me.

I honestly don't understand why some people would give malice to something so wonderful as breastfeeding. But that's the painful truth. So as a mother who want to give her child the best, I do what needs to be done while trying very hard to be aware of the people around me. It can be done naman. We can be modest about breastfeeding. Just cover as much of the boob as you can. For sure your little one won't mind.

Let's not make breastfeeding a taboo. Breastfeed in public. Make people see that you are a breastfeeding mama.  And that it can be done. :) And that its awesome!



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