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My favorite past time now is watching my baby Skye sleep and stealing a couple of kisses. I can't believe how fast time flies. Skye used to sleep all the time. As in dede and sleep only. Now we're enjoying play time already. And we do talk alot, especially in the morning. Picture above was taken just after her night time sponge bath. She's in her new jammies (size 3-6months now!) and old tie sides. Pumuputok na ang tie sides. Konting konti nalang mapupunta na sya sa taguan ng mga lumang damit.

My darling also sleep longer at night now. That means longer sleep for me too. She'd just fuss a little to demand for milk and then would go back to sleep right away.

Look at my adorable baby sleeping with both her arms raised. Chubby no? :) She's super botsog now. Breastfed yaaaaaann!!

Anyway, nawala na ako sa topic. This post is supposed to be about how to dress up your little one for bedtime. Hihihihi... Nakita ko kasi pictures ni Skye kaya nawala ako sa wisyo. Okay, go na!

Ayun nga, during her first few weeks of life I make her wear long sleeved tie sides and jammies. All white. Complete with booties and mittens. Like these...

Or long sleeved frog suit and mittens.

They are perfect because newborns tend to get cold easily. I would even make her wear her Halo Sleepsack to make her comfortable. Babies look for warmth so we have to make sure they don't get cold. But make sure your room is well ventilated kasi baka naman balot na balot ang bata tapos ang init pala sa inyo eh pagpawisan naman at matuyuan ng pawis. What I usually do is I open the AC to make the room a bit cold and comfortable but I would cover her area para di directly napupunta sa kanya yung blow ng hangin from the AC. Yun kasi ang payo ng pedia nya. Philippines kasi is so humid.

But now that she's a bit big already, I make her wear sleeveless tops (coz super init ngayon) and jammies with booties/socks. Mas madali na kasi syang pagpawisan at mainitan. I still make sure that the AC's air is not directly blowing on her side of the bed to avoid sipon and ubo. And after her 11day stint at the hospital, naku paranoid na ko sa ganyan. Also, she still wear her Halo Sleepsack. Mas kampante kasi ako in making her wear sleepsack kesa yung kumot. She's very malikot. Nakakatakot baka sa kalikutan mapunta sa face ang kumot. For babies like my Skye, sleepsacks are really perfect.

Actually, ang hirap hirap bihisan ng mga bata. They won't tell you kasi if a specific item is mainit or makati. You won't know if they're uncomfortable. Of course, iiyak sila or they'd be fussy pero bago mo marealize na its because of the clothes, baka umaga na. Its important that you always take into consideration your child comfort. First and foremost dapat comfortable sila on the clothes and the room. Dapat di sila maiinitan at pagpapawisan pero dapat hindi din giniginaw. Usually, pag giniginaw si Skye, she'd have cold hands and feet. Pero minsan kasi kinakain nya yung kamay nya so malamig dahil sa laway. So I'd check the arms and the feet.

Now that the summer heat is OA we tend to overuse the AC. Take note, masama din ang super lamig sa bata. The temperature must be sakto lang. If you don't have AC naman, make sure that the fan is swaying. Bawal nakatutok sa bata. Paikutin ang fan. Ayusin ang bedcovers and use yung mas presko. May mga bedcovers kasi na mainit sa katawan, wag yun. Then give your baby enough space. Wag mo ng yakapin. Pagpapawisan yan.

Sobrang hirap ng panahon ngayon especially sa mga bata. The heat is crazy. Kawawa ang bata talaga. Kawawa din ang mummies because maloloka ka sa kakaisip kung paano sila magiging comfortable. So I hope my tips are useful. Super important pa naman ng sleep sa mga babies.

Goodluck fellow mums. I'm having a blast being a mother. :) Yay!

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