Happy 3rd!

Look at how crazy pretty my baby is. :) Everytime I look at her now, I can't help but wonder where the little 2.5kg baby is? She's a little more than 5kgs already. Double her newborn weight! And she smiles alot. Laughs alot. I love talking to her even in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning. Simple conversations consisting of ooohhs and aaahhhss. She'd smile. Laugh. She'd try to talk and would do ooohhhss and aaahhhss also. I love it!

I love her newborn smell. Her asim fingers (she suck on them all the time!). I love to squeeze her chubby arms and legs. I specially love to nurse her. That look of utmost contentment after every feeding makes my heart burst with so much happiness. I love every little thing about her.

Like her 1st and 2nd month birthday, we decided to celebrate it in the simplest way possible. Just pancit (spag on her 1st!) cooked by her loving father and a cake c/o her Mummy Chubby. This month her DaddyLo chipped in by getting her a tub of ice cream. Her Tatay also cooks something special for lunch or dinner. It's sinigang na hipon this month! Yum!

I love that people in our household are just as excited as me. We would all chip in just to make the day special. Everybody's just thankful we got a baby in the house. A grand daughter and pamangkin na matagal inantay ng pamilya ko. Even her Toto Ian is so excited. Yay! :)

This little girl is my answered prayer. I feel so blessed that God entrusted me is little bundle of joy. And I wish that I'd be a good mother to her. That God would guide me in raising her up. I am so happy. So so happy.


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