Two Months of Happiness

Two months worth of sleepless nights. Of singing and dancing at 2am. Of nappy changing every 3-4hrs. Of booger picking. Bum wiping. Poopoo and wiwi galore. Cutting tiny nails. Two months of getting out of the house at 6am to catch the early morning sunlight. Of trying very hard not to drown an infant who wails like a hyena during bath time. Two months of having a mouth constantly attached to my breasts. Of trying very hard to continue breastfeeding.

May muscle na din ako dahil 2 months na kong nagbubuhat. Literal. Daig ko pa adik dahil 2 months na akong gising. 2 months na din siguro ang ibang libag ko sa katawan dahil 2 months na akong nagmamadali maligo.

But all of those are worth it. Two months of pure joy and happiness. Two months of love. Two months sweet kisses. Two months of oohhs and aahhs and cooing. Two months of hugs. Two months of sweet baby breath. Of sweet infant smell. Ang saya saya lang.

HAPPY HAPPY 2nd MONTH BDAY my darling. Thank you for being my source of joy. You are truly my greatest blessing and the best gift ever.

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