Breastfeeding Journey: Sore and Cracked Nipples

They say that breastfeeding hurts on the first few days. I was aware. I was prepared. I studied the proper deep latch to avoid it. I read on what to do during the first few days. I thought I was armed.

So at the hospital, I was breastfeeding Skye. We'd do the deep latch. Masakit pero kaya ko. Very good kami mag-ina. All flying colors according to the lactation consultant. I thought, maning mani! :)

And then we went home. And said goodbye to the pain relievers that I was given at the hospital round the clock for the CS wound. Ayun na! Sh*t!!!

That's when I noticed that I have sore and cracked nipples. And every time my Skye would latch on them, I'd feel excruciating pain. As in my toes would curl up and tears would start falling. On our first night at home, I was howling in pain. Iyak ako ng iyak. I'd dread the time that my baby would start to stir coz for sure, it'll be another round of breastfeeding. Umiiyak na sya, I'd carry her and sway her in my hopes that she'd get back to sleep. Kaso she won't sleep until I offer her my breast which she'd suck so hard. Ayoko na talaga that time. Imagine? I'm reccuperating from the CS operation. My wound is still painful. I can't move properly. Tapos sobrang sakit pa ng d*de ko?? Grabe naman yun!

On our 2nd night, in the middle of another painful breastfeeding session, I told The Companion that we need to buy formula. Ayoko na talaga. And we're not even on our first week. Actually, I want him to leave in the middle of the night and get formula right then and there. Buti nalang tamad ang lolo nyo. Sabi sa akin, bukas nalang daw. He just hugged me as I breastfeed.

The next day, when my wits are with me, I'd tell myself that I'd give it another shot. Another day to try. I hate to fail on it. Alam nyo naman ako, pag may gusto I would always give it my 100%. Buti nalang I was born and raised to be that way.

So to help you fellow Mums, here are some tips on treating sore and cracked nipples:

1. Learn the proper deep latch. Its normal to have cracked and sore nipples during the first week of breastfeeding as your nipple toughen up for the job. BUT if the baby is not properly latched on the breast, you'd have painful nipples forever. Here's a very helpful info graphic on deep latch. There are also loads of video tutorials on YouTube that you can check out.

2. Breastmilk and airdry. The best remedy for sore and cracked nipples are breastmilk. Apply liberally on the nipples and airdry. Sometimes, I go topless at home just so I could airdry my nipples. Dumidikit kasi minsan sa shirt and its so painful. So after the baby latches on them, airdry first. I never used nipple creams. I know some mummies swear by them but really, just your breastmilk is enough. Well, at least for me.

3. Its okay to pop some pain relievers. In my frantic search for sore nips relief, I came across a couple (well actually loads) of articles and forums that says pain relievers are okay. Take it at least 30minutes before feeding to ease out the pain. And honestly, its one of the reasons why I was able to continue breastfeeding. Kasi di ko talaga kaya yung kirot. Sumasabay kasi sa tahi ko so its really painful. Though I only had mefenamic acid. Hindi gaanong malakas na pain reliever so may pain padin talaga but its tolerable na.

4. Latch. Latch. Latch. Just make your little one latch on you no matter how painful it is. One day, magugulat ka nalang hindi na masakit. It'll be easy breezy and convenient. Just pop the breast and the baby will latch on it. Walang effort. :)

5. Proper posture and relax. Some mummies forgot that proper posture really helps a lot in breastfeeding. And make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Feeding sessions will be easier for you and the baby.

6. Feed on the first sign of hunger.Know the hunger cues. Below is another helpful info graphic. Make sure you feed on early cues. Coz if the baby is really hungry and agitated, most probably she'll give angry latches. And angry latches = sore nips. Masakit sya promise. She'll suck hard and the feeding will be longer. Kawawa ang nipples ni mummy.

There you go! I hope this post will help you on your beeastfeeding journey. I must admit, my journey is not easy breezy. And it's far from being perfect. Madaming pagkakataon na gustong gusto ko ng tumigil. Kasi sobrang sakit na. Just a couple of weeks ago I had another round of painful breastfeeding sessions. As in tulo luha. She got sick kasi. So maghapon magdamag gusto nya naka latch. Probably her way of soothing herself. That's one thing kasi with breastfeeding. They don't just feed. It's their pacifier, soother, calmer (meron bang ganyan). Paraan para maramdaman nila ang pagmamahal natin. Na hindi sila nag iisa. Kung may masakit, dede. Pag gutom, dede. Pag natatakot, dede. That's also why I love breastfeeding. Almost every cry can be answered by dede. Tapos healthy pa si baby. :)

2 months of breastfeeding. Now that I'll be back to work in a few weeks time, pagpa-pump naman ang pinaghahandaan ko.


  1. I am married last year, but not yet pregnant. I got scared of your story pero ang galing mo magkwento. Damang-dama ko. Hehehe. Sana I will be able to get over the pain pag dumating na yung time. The infographic is great. Hope to hear more of your mommy stories! :)

  2. reigningstillApril 23, 2014

    Aaaww... Naku I hope hindi ka naman na discourage mag breastfeed dahil sa post na to. Hehehehe.. But i have to be honest diba? Some kasi make it sound like breastfeeding is easy breezy. Hindi kaya!! But the happiness is priceless.


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