Just Be A Real Parent

Ze bebe is sick. She's been coughing since Monday and been on meds since Tuesday after her pedia visit. I'm a wreck. I don't understand how she got sick. Coz I am sure I am doing everything correctly.

I've been exclusively breastfeeding her since day 1. We clean the room and her crib twice daily because we were advised by her pedia to make sure she's not exposed to allergens to avoid her getting allergic rhinitis like her Nanay. She's getting enough sunlight everyday. We do tummy time. I make sure our room is well ventilated.

I am so hands on. I read up to educate myself. I ask around then read up to verify. I know I am doing everything in my power to make sure she's healthy. And now she's sick. Imagine my dismay. Imagine my heartache. And worst, my heart is breaking into thousand pieces everytime Skye would cough. Ang sakit sakit tingnan. Ayoko syang nahihirapan.

The thing is, almost everybody in the household has cough. Nahawa sya kahit na pinapalayo ko na sila sa bata. But since we live in the same house, the pedia said malamang yun daw ang dahilan. Nakakabwiset. Gusto kong lumipat sa Mars only to make sure walang virus na makukuha ang anak ko. Now, lahat ng may sakit sa amin umiinom na ng gamot. I told them to take meds on the first sign of any sickness. Wag ng antayin lumala at magkandahawa hawa kami.

Ganito pala yung feeling. I know that there's no such thing as a perfect parent. But I am doing everything to be perfect. And yet she still got sick. I felt like I failed in parenting and I am just on it for a month. I have been questioning myself and my capacity to take care of my newborn when I came across this quote...


No such thing as a perfect one so just be real. And real parents would encounter things like baby getting sick and would take it as a lesson learned.

So I need to get a grip, be strong and do everything to make my baby feel better.

I can do this. For now, the baby is about to cry so I'm off to mother duties.


  1. Hello, i love reading your blog. Continue to write your journey to motherhood.

  2. reigningstillMarch 30, 2014

    Thank you much Anne. :)

  3. Get well soon to baby skye! don't beat yourself up, you're doing a great job! :)


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