Lil'Peanut's 4D Ultrasound

I have a very nice and practical OB. Unlike others na ang daming pangarap ipagawa sa patients nila, my OB is very much practical. Way back when I was still this worry-freak preggy momma who wants her baby checked almost every other week, she manages to make me feel relaxed and calmed me down.

Reading different blogs and books and the internet, I was asking her if I need this or that. If I need to have this or that done. And all those blah blahs. But she assured me that those are not necessary. Until I learned to become really practical also. Tama naman sya. We have a regular check up. She has this astig doppler who monitors fetal heartbeat. Hindi lang basta maririnig mo, it shows graphs and the likes. So alam nya if my baby is awake and is active. She’ll check if there are sudden drop on the fetal heartbeat na usually daw caused by cord coil and usually means there’s something wrong with the baby. She’ll also check on the fundic height and would feel my baby. And I am very much open on the things that I feel through out the pregnancy. Kaya sya mismo nagsabi na no need for monthly ultrasound, no need to CAS. But she recommended a 4D ultrasound.

Actually, this ultrasound is not really needed. Kaso I need to do an ultrasound anyway to check on the baby’s position and some stuff that she cannot check by just feeling the baby. But knowing that this is my first pregnancy, she told me that we can do a 4D if I want. Souvenir lang din and so I could get a glimpse of the Lil’Peanut.

I have problems with 4D ultrasound though. I am hearing horror stories and some negative feedbacks on the internet. They were saying that since it’s still radiation, masama din daw ma-over expose ang bata sa ganun. And some 4D ultrasound clinics on the malls are being done by technicians and not OB-Sonologists.

My OB agreed that if not done right, it may really be harmful on the baby or would really be useless. But she recommended I go to PrimeScan Ultrasound Clinic where her OB-Sonologist friend would take care of me and would personally perform the ultrasound. So I agreed.

The 4D ultrasound costs Php 3,500. A bit pricey I know but it’s all worth it. Atleast I am being handled by a professional. The OB-sonologist checked on the Lil’Peanut’s vitals first. The heart beat, the weight, the amount of amniotic fluid, the position..everything important. My OB’s also there overseeing everything. So kahit na Php 3,500 sya, ok lang coz we are well taken cared of.

After all of those important bits and pieces, it’s now time to do the happy part. Verifying Lil’Peanut’s gender (which is 99% sure is a girl) and our attempt to have a nice photo of her and loads of videos.

Everyone.. here’s my Lil’Peanut’s chubby cheeks and haba nguso.

Most people says she look so much like her Tatay. I say, let’s wait till she’s out and a bit big na. Hahahahaha! Sa ngayon kasi, medyo hindi ko maikaila na kahawig nga ng Tatay nya.

That’s the most decent photo on the bunch. On our first session, tinulugan kami ng batang malikot. And her head is so close to the placenta daw. So we can’t get a decent picture. Laging may harang. And because the doctor’s won’t allow that we expose the baby with so much radiation, stop na kami after 30minutes. We went back nalng the following week.

By then, the Lil’Peanut is already active and awake. We even saw her smile!

Kaso after almost 30 minutes, she’s showing signs of discomfort na so the OB decided to cut it short. Anyway, ok na kami on the fact that we actually saw her. She smiled. Did thumb sucking. Played. Responded to what I’m saying. All those little things that made me so proud!

A couple more weeks and then we’ll see her na. I am so excited but at the same time anxious. I am praying so hard that God would guide us. I am praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. I am praying for a healthy Me so I could bear the pains of labor and delivery. But I trust that God has created my body to bear the pains of childbirth and all those pain are so much worth it anyway. Ganun naman talaga diba?! Paghirapan mo at pagpakasakitan mo ang bagay  na hinihiling mo, ang mga biyayang pinagkakaloob sayo para mas pahalagahan mo ito. :)

Anyway, don’t hesitate to email me if you want to know the details of PrimeScan. My 4D package includes printed copy of the photos and a CD containing all of the photos and videos taken during the session. I got loads of video actually, And cute lang. :)



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